Vacancy Spotlight: Brokerage Analyst – Accounts Payable & Reconciliations | London

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Summary of the key purposes of the role:
  • To log all outstanding invoices
  • To balance invoices and work on discrepancies with CSR and Brokerage
  • To request payment to London payables team and instruct billing broker of value date and breakdown
  • Chase unsent invoices
  • Log outstanding invoices in invoice logger
  • Run GMI reports/accruals to confirm if payment should be made
  • Work with CSR on under accrual issues
  • Communicate to billing broker if discrepancies on invoices
  • Ensure bookings made to adjust accruals
  • Report to manager status weekly of outstanding invoices
Delegated Responsibilities:
  • Daily logging of invoices
  • Daily agreement with Manager on which outstanding work needs to be made on
  • Agreement of priority list
  • Weekly summary of invoices received, invoices balanced, and invoices awaiting with other teams
  • Monthly reporting to management on progress
  • Show consistence reductions on accruals
  • Weekly payments to be communicated to payment team
  • Weekly emails to billing brokers on payments made and summary of payments
  • Report to payments team funds to be released
  • Adjustments to Sun sub ledger to reflect postings
  • Report back to billing broker payment date and details


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