Valentines day part 1

heart-462873_640Every year on the 14th of February many people try to outdo each other with their proclamations of love. Some shout it from the rooftops, others celebrate it discreetly and some hate it with a passion.

Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or single you cannot miss the marketing drive that the ad men put into full swing to get consumers to part with cash for love, lust or in some cases, disappointment. I must admit when the time of year was coming round I was dreading the call from my editor (which came) to write an article on Valentines day.

I took a few women aside to speak about Valentine’s day and found that there were two camps. Those in favour and those that were vehemently opposed to February 14th and everything else that came with it. As always the experiment was an enjoyable one with each camp making a strong case for their feelings.

The ladies who were all for Valentine’s day loved the idea of a day dedicated to the celebration of their union with someone special. They saw it as a nice experience because it represented one day that they were spoilt rotten and made to feel special. Some were very traditional with their expectations (flowers, chocolates, perfume), others were more experimental (new bedroom experiences, a first encounter with a beautiful stranger on a singles night or flowers from a secret admirer)

For the ladies that love Valentine’s day, it is a day to treasure. Feelings are poured out towards them with no filter and many of the married ladies I spoke to loved that special day because it was the day that their other half proposed to them. Romantic comedies have set high expectations on romantic gestures (some of which can be unrealistic) and so every year many people that like V day want to be made to feel special.

The ladies on the other side of the coin loathed Valentine’s day because of the pressure that they feel under to have a great day with their men. They felt it to be a superficial day full of empty gestures. They said the things that a lot of people do say about the day such as ‘I don’t need a special day to tell my man I love him and vice versa’ ‘It’s all bull and I hate having to trade stories in the office of how great my day was’ ‘Everyday should be special in a relationship’ and it continued in that manner.

The single ladies who weren’t fans of the day said that they hated hearing people exaggerate how great their evening was but did admit that it was nice to get a card from a secret admirer as it potentially meant the start of something exciting.

Valentine’s day has divided opinion for as long as I can remember. Some people feel that it is a marketing con and have no interest in the day whilst some say that it is nice to have a day that brings butterflies to their stomachs. Most of the ladies didn’t agree about how the day should be celebrated but most did agree that at some point around that period, there is a certain movie being released on the day that they will be going to watch very soon. Care to guess what it might be?

Munir Bello is the author of The Break Up Recipe. It’s a romantic comedy about break ups and relationships from a mans point of view, available on Amazon as a download or paperback.

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