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Online dating concept. Hand & Wine Glass Through Laptop ScreenWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Kelly Klein, founder and CEO of [email protected], shares her pick of the best online dating sites in the UK today and offers her top tips for staying safe online.

Recent statistics show that one in five relationships in the UK now start on the internet and more than nine million Brits are registered with a dating site. With so many people online, it can be a maze to sift through that special and genuine person who are really who they say they are and are really looking for love.

Top Sites:


Who uses it?

Founded in 1995, was one of the first mainstream dating sites. Today it serves 25 countries in more than eight languages, is one of the most widely-used sites in the UK and attracts millions of subscribers.

2: Tinder

Who uses it?

The new kid on the block, Tinder is a popular mobile dating app that facilitates communication between nearby users. Launched in 2012, its target demographic is men and women between the ages of 18-35.

Is it simple?

Tinder is probably one of the most simple online dating services around. As it pulls information from your Facebook account, there’s no need to go through the process of setting up your profile. The mobile app works by bringing up other users nearby that match your hobbies and interests. All you have to do is select ‘like’ or ‘nope’ to other users profiles by swiping left or right. Simple.

What’s the catch?

You must have a Facebook account to use Tinder – it does this to make sure that you are matched with real people who share similar interests and common friends. Don’t worry though – Tinder will never post anything to your Facebook. Currently, it is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices and a Windows Phone version is currently being developed.

3: eHarmony

Who uses it?

eHarmony has also been around for some time, though unlike its counterparts, adopts a more scientific approach. The site uses complex matching algorithms (based on an in-depth questionnaire) to find a partner you’re compatible with. For this reason, eHarmony is mainly used by people looking fora long-term commitment.

Is it simple?

Unlike other dating sites, you don’t have to search for a partner yourself. Instead, eHarmony will find a match based on your compatibility questionnaire.

What’s the catch?

eHarmony does cost more than other services, though if their method works as well as they claim, it may be worth the extra.

4: OkCupid

Who uses it?

OkCupid has a huge user-base of all ages and is one of the most successful dating websites out there.

Is it simple?

It is. The registration form is easy to complete and the website easy to navigate.

What’s the catch?

OkCupid isn’t targeted towards a specific age group, however it’s free to use and a great introduction to the world of online dating.

Top Tips for finding love online:


Write a profile that is real, authentic & true to who you are. In a maze of competition, fake profiles and insecurities, sometimes people lose the edge on their personality and often hide behind what people want to read. This may get you to a first date although lacks any honestly on who you are. It is so important to be honest and transparent as this gains trust and connection, all the things needed for a happy and healthy relationship.


Always use current and up to date pictures. Remember people fall in love with REAL people through connection & intimacy. It’s easy to act like Internet dating is some how acting at love. If you are serious about finding love, include a flattering picture but nothing professional or preened as this can often comes across as you are trying too hard and can leave to disappointment when people meet you in the flesh. Also include photos of you doing things you enjoy looking self expressed and so people can get a sense of your personality not just your looks.


Always arrange first dates during the day in public places. Try to avoid involving alcohol and not too expensive. Like meeting for a coffee & a mooch. A walk in the park etc. For men, Never over spend on a first date, you will come across as desperate. A really great way of getting a woman interested is to take her to more than one venue and show her different experiences. This way she can build up more memories and experiences of being with you in the first date and it allows her to feel more connected. For Women: Remember to be feminine and let the man lead. Try not to take over/take his role as this will kill any chance of a second date.  Also give a guy a chance as he is probably much more nervous than you.


Many American’s date multiple people at first and keep things pretty platonic for at least the first 10 dates. This way you can see what a person is really like and not be disappointed if things don’t work out or put to much expectation on someone which also can leave to things not progressing. Keep busy with your normal life and allow things to develop organically and honestly.


Look at what makes you a great person and great to be with & it will be easier for people to see this in you. Not in an arrogant way, but with self belief. People are people and underneath the skin of it, everyone wants to be loved. So enjoy getting to know people and look for the gold in people rather than their faults. Flirt, be light hearted & look to connect with them. I promise by doing this, love will find you very quickly.

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