Vancouver introduces trans-friendly toilets

‘Trans people welcome’ signs have been added to every bathroom in Vancouver that is run by city government.


Canada has been a long supporter of LGBT rights, and a plan was voted through last year to make Canada’s third biggest city more trans-inclusive.

The signs read ‘Trans people welcome’, and are included in a strategy that includes re-evaluating the city’s grant priorities and making further training available for senior staff.

The city’s manager, Sadhu Johnston, said:

“Everyone has the right to safe and inclusive washroom facilities. This change is another step forward towards ensuring equality and inclusion for all.

“This updated signage aims to help trans*, gender variant and two-spirit individuals feel safer accessing the washroom facility they most identify with.”

Vancouver has been at the forefront of many LGBT- supportive programmes, including gender-neutral bathrooms in schools since 2014, and permanent rainbow crossings.

Anne Nickerson, the city’s director of equity, diversity and inclusion, said:  “If it’s a multi-stall washroom, it would have men or female spelled out at the top and “trans people welcome” at the bottom and in braille and the icon signs for what’s contained in that washroom.”

New signs will continue to be installed at other city buildings in the coming months.
Last year, U.S. president Donald Trump reversed guidelines implemented by the Obama administration that had allowed transgender students to use public-school toilets according to what gender they identified with.