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In today’s world, successful careers are fluid and often do not follow a traditional path. At Morgan Stanley, we see great potential in experienced professionals who have taken a career break and support experienced professionals throughout the various stages of their careers.

Morgan Stanley’s Return to Work is an opportunity for you to re-engage and re-enter the workforce. During the 12-week paid internship, participants work with colleagues and senior leaders across the firm. Placements are made based on participants’ skills, experience and interests. Upon completing the program, participants may receive an offer of employment with the firm.

Meet our first recruit from the 2014 programme, Veena Bhaskaran…

How did you hear about the Return to Work programme?

I first heard about Morgan Stanley’s Return to Work program through a recruitment agency.

Why did you apply?

At that point in time, I was ready to get back into workforce. The concept of Return to Work was what caught my interest initially, and made me feel respect for the organisation which recognises talent among experienced professionals who have had to take a career break for whatever reason.

Tell us more about the programme – how long did it run for, where were you placed, and what did you do?

Return to Work is a 12-week programme and ran from September until mid-December.

My placement was in London and I was given a task to work on throughout the length of the program. The task was close to what I had done in the past but introduced the challenge of new technologies, which I was supported on by the management and team.

As well as working on the day-job, this was also an opportunity to get to know more about Morgan Stanley. The weekly meetings with Senior leadership of different departments was our chance to hear about their top level perspective, their success stories and the current challenges within investment banking and financial industry, as well as some of the other programmes such as Global Volunteer Month, where employees are able to volunteer and give back to local communities.

What benefits did you get out of it?

The main benefit I got from the Return to Work program was a lot of career advice.

Would you recommend the programme?

Yes, I would. I felt that this programme was executed exceptionally well. There was excellent communication throughout with both HR and my assigned buddy/manager, including having goals set in agreement with me.

In addition, the programme gave me a realistic image of the day-to-day role, as well as plenty of networking opportunities.

What has happened to you since completing the program?

I was offered a position at the end of tenure within Client Technologies which is part of Operations and Compliance – and I gladly accepted!

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