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WeAreVirtual is WeAreTheCity’s new initiative to pay it forward and support the ongoing development of communities, who are working from home due to the outbreak of the COVID virus. With the help of a number of our sponsors and supporters, our plan is to support individuals’ ongoing learning by providing an increased amount of content through our websites, social channels, alongside the opportunity to learn and engage online.

On this page, you will find details of our webinar series.  These webinars are not sales pitches, they are educational sessions packed with tips and tangible actions. These webinars are free, open to all and kindly provided by over 70 speakers and experts, who have all given their time to support the learning of others.

We encourage you to join and to spread the world about the series to your colleagues and through your social media channels. We are also uploading a series of tips videos and previous conference content to our YouTube channel – please subscribe for new content alert.

Places may be limited at these webinars, so early bookings are encouraged.

Follow our Twitter account @WATC_Updates, as we will be using this channel to promote these webinars or follow the hashtag, #WeAreVirtual.

If you are interested in supporting our pay it forward webinar series, please email [email protected].


Watch and learn in your own time with our previously live recorded virtual events

Playback: Assertive Communication – WHO gets heard and why? recording | Jenny Garrett

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  In this interactive session you will learn assertive communication strategies and skills from Award Winning Coach, Author and Trainer Jenny Garrett. Key learning points include: how to handle and manage those communication glitches that are all too common for women. how to speak so people listen and you are heard how to leave a […]

Playback: Recovering from a Cyber Attack with Des O’Connor and Elizabeth Green

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 As cyber attacks increase in frequency and severity, it has become clear that those businesses that can best cope with traditional commercial, economic, operational and political shocks are also the most cyber resilient. The rapid evolution of the workplace environments in which we work greatly increases the likelihood of a catastrophic data loss scenario being […]

Playback: The Future World of Work – Technological Disruption: Friend or Foe? | Tracey Groves

  By the end of the webinar, participants will: Know what changes and trends we are seeing in the world of work through technological disruption – the good and the not so good Have explored the workplace impact and effect of emerging technology, including AI and robotics, on women and across wider society (for example, […]

Playback: Safe-guarding Your Career In Times of Corona | Wies Bratby

  We are living in challenging times. Besides the worries you may feel about your health, you may be worried about your career. In this free online training you will learn: How to navigate the lack of job security in these challenging times How you can feel in control of your career again, even if […]

Playback: Balancing Love, Work & Home in the Age of Pandemics | Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

 The normal pressures of work/ life balance have skyrocketed – not to mention love. Lockdowns, kids at home, learning to lead and work virtually, taking turns working to care for kids suddenly at home, and distance from family supports are all recipes for strife – and unexpected moments of grace. How will you navigate balance […]

Playback Recording: Craft Smart Emails | Kay White

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 Craft Smart Emails – 7 Proven Steps to get your Emails Opened, Read & Responded To It’s easy to think you’ll just bash something out and it will be ‘good enough’. Staring at the screen waiting for a response or wondering if the person has got or read your message is such a waste of […]
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