Vlogger Giovanna Fletcher to host web series encouraging gender equality

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Author and vlogger, Giovanna Fletcher is fronting a new web series that aims to encourage gender equality at home.

Fletcher, known for her books, public speaking and YouTube vlogging, will hope to encourage families to share their household chores and roles.

The series, entitled ‘The Big Family Switch Up’, will see men and women swap their traditional roles around the house in the hope that they will better understand what each other does.

The AOL series in partnership with Indesit will air from 9 May.

The series follows Indesit’s research revealed gender inequality within many households across the UK.

The study, released as part of their #DoItTogether campaign found that women do up to 81 per cent of all household chores once they’ve had a baby.

Further to this 42 per cent of men admitted that they do less around the house since having a child. Of those surveyed, only 45 per cent of women said that before children, household chores were shared equally.

Speaking about the introduction of the campaign, Brand Communications Director for Indesit, Ian Moverley said, “It’s surprising that in this day and age household chores still seem to end up with mum.”

“We hope with this campaign we inspire families to help out a little more and have fun in the process.”

Fletcher has previously been praised for her honest outlook on marriage and parenthood, which she talks about in her vlog, Giovanna’s World. She often discusses her flaws, improving herself and adjusting to motherhood.

She was recently praised for revealing that she had a miscarriage and that she was “badly bullied” when she was younger.

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