Walk the Walk in the fight against breast cancer

Walk the Walk - London Moonwalk 2019

Whilst the iconic MoonWalks are on hold, organisers breast cancer charity Walk the Walk are inviting people from all over the UK to put on their walking shoes and join them on a virtual MoonWalk Celebration Road Trip.  

To mark the dates of The MoonWalk London on 16th May, The MoonWalk Scotland on 6th June and The MoonWalk Iceland on 13th June, this virtual road trip is a 29 day journey. It will start at Clapham Common in London, continuing via Holyrood Park in Edinburgh and finishing with a grand celebration at Lake Myvatn in Iceland.

The virtual route is 1,190 miles, as the crow flies and people wanting to support the charity can choose how many miles that they want to walk. The aim is to get as many people to Iceland as possible on 13th June, observing social distancing guidelines, of course.

Walkers can choose to take on two miles each day, three miles a day or five miles each day for 29 days or pick ‘n’ mix their own distance and time.

There is no cost for joining and fundraising is optional, but should they want to, those taking part can open a fundraising page and anyone can show their support by making a donation.

Walk the Walk - The MoonWalk Iceland

The entire Walk the Walk Team is setting off on the road trip and walking at least two miles a day for the 29 days.

Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk said, “With our three MoonWalks sadly on hold, we just could not let the days pass without some kind of celebration.”

“So, all of us at Walk the Walk along with as many people as we can get to join us, are very excited to be setting off… virtually of course on ‘The MoonWalk Celebration Road Trip’.”

“In these unsettled times we all need a bit of fun, and this really is fun for everyone.”

“It is free to enter and a great incentive for women, men and children to get out into the fresh air with a fun goal… meanwhile, Walk the Walk hope to raise some much needed funds for those living with cancer who need it now more than ever, so a great exchange.”

“After all, how often can you say that you are walking from London to Scotland and then onto Iceland… Join this magical journey now and expect a few surprises along the way!”

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