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What do you want to doAre you someone who is flexible and open to many types of opportunities or someone who is specific and knows exactly what your next career challenge will entail?

Working with individuals who know exactly what direction they want their career to take is far easier than working with individuals who are flexible or unsure.

We can sometimes assume that by being flexible we will be presented by a multitude of opportunities, in reality it’s those who are specific with regards to their requirements that stand out and are remembered.

During my recruiting days I found it so much easier to help those individuals who confirmed to me exactly the types of roles they would consider and when that role became available I knew exactly the candidate I would speak with.

I appreciate that it may be difficult to know exactly what you are looking to achieve within your career and if this is the case then I recommend for you to start thinking about what you DON’T want, this way you can start to get closer to the answer as to what you DO want. It is really important for you to take the time to identify what it is that you really want to do.

Once we are clear in our mind as to the type of roles we are happy to consider it becomes a lot easier for us to articulate our preferences to those who can help us to include recruiters, hiring companies and our Senior Managers within the workplace. We do however need to be consistent with our intentions otherwise we run the risk of confusing people and then they switch off. Harsh but I’m afraid it’s true.

REMEMBER Avoid confusion by being consistent with your requirements within the content of your CV, your LinkedIn profile and your message when meeting with people who can help you.

“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do”

Steve Jobs


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Nikki Hutchison, founder of Chilli Pepper Global www.chillipepperglobal.com advising you on every aspect of the job seeking process guiding you step by step whether you are looking to move internally or externally.

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