Want To Be Lucky in Love this Valentine’s Day?

hearts-sqHave you ever wondered why some people you know seem so lucky, they lead charmed lives and everything seems to go their way, they get the partner they want in life and the other things too.

Richard Wiseman a psychologist in his 10 year study on luck discovered that “being in the right place at the right time is actually all about being in the right frame of mind”. According to Richard, there are principles lucky people live by and when you can follow them you can increase your luck too. Here are 6 of his rules:

1 Lucky people build and maintain a strong ‘network of luck’, they talk to people more, and they frequently start conversations with strangers and so dramatically increase the chances of a lucky chance encounter. E.g. the more people you talk to at a party, the greater your chances of meeting a desirable partner.

2 They are ‘social magnets’, their open body language draws people to them. The people who are lucky smile twice as often as those that are unlucky and make a lot more eye contact. They use open body language, turning their bodies towards the person they are talking to, uncrossing their arms and legs, and often making gestures that display open palms. With such open body language they invite people to them.

3 They stay in touch with people – lucky people are good at building long lasting relationships, they often keep in contact with a much larger group of friend and colleagues. This network of friends helps create opportunities in their life. I.e. one of my clients has a large network, she has just had three friends offer to introduce her to men in the space of two weeks.

4 going to new places and this tend to lead to more opportunity. When you frequently try different activities you meet far more people than if you always stick to the same one.

5 “Luck is believing you’re lucky” The Motown Song, Rod Stewart. Lucky people expect good fortune, they expect their interactions with others to be lucky and successful. When you expect good luck, you tend to feel more happy and optimistic, your behaviour is such that you are more likely to attract good fortune.

E.g. when you are set up on a blind date and you are expecting your date to be friendly, you are more likely to behave in a friendly manner yourself & thus to get a friendly response. Our expectations change our behaviours making our expectations self-fulfilling.

6 Lucky people do not dwell on their misfortune. They let go of the past and focus on the future. They forget about the unlucky things that have happened to them and instead focus on their good luck. Whatever you focus on tends to expand. Lucky people by focusing on their luck stay in a positive spiral and feel luckier and luckier. Unlucky people focus on their bad luck and create a downward spiral.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Love Mentor

ElizabethSullivanAuthor Bio:

I’m Elizabeth Sullivan and I’m the Love Mentor. My clients are single, busy, professional women who have been concentrating on their career and have suddenly woken up to realise Mr Right hasn’t arrived yet. They have reached a point where they realise something has to change. With Coaching, they make their love life a priority, and identify and change any patterns causing them to date the wrong people. It encourages them to feel confident in dating and attract the right men.


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