WATC Webinar: Communicate & Influence with Confidence, Style and Ease for your Business Success with Kay White


WATc-Webinar-EventsJoin the dots for people to connect with you, value you and say “YES” to you at work.


  • Are you tired of feeling you’re invisible and/or ‘on mute’ a lot of the time?
  • Do you know there must be an easier way to get your point across to people without being pushy or witchy?
  • Is it often too hard to get your thoughts heard so you sit back and stay quiet?
  • Does it feel as if you’re stuck in a bit of a style groove and you know you want to sparkle more?

Join Savvy & Influential Communication Expert, Kay White and discover how to get your ideas across with more impact and ease. Find out how to get people to sit up, take notice and then get into action for you (and because they want to, not just because you tell them to) and hear how and why it’s so important for you to sparkle as you do!

Join dotsIn this action packed session you’ll discover:

  • Simple, no fluff things to say which instantly connect you to people – both groups and one-to-one – and when you’re face-to-face and in writing!
  • 3 ways to grab attention assertively and respectfully so that people listen to you versus tune you out….and you’ll find out how they won’t be able to resist listening to you!
  • 2 words to avoid if you want to be heard and if you want to avoid being pushy or witchy
  • 1 thing to do straight away to boost your authority, your personal presence and your earning power.

Find out how the words you choose and use are like accessories – they either highlight and draw attention to things you want to so you and your ideas sparkle …or they just confuse, irritate or make it easy to tune-you-out!

We all know you’ve got valuable experience to share and ideas to put across. For you to maximise your time, energy and your value, you need to show up day to day in your business, you need to sparkle, be valued and you need to be heard.

Webinar Details

  • DATE: 5th March 2014
  • TIME: 20:00 – 21:00


WeAreTheCity and Kay White are pleased to invite WATC Members to this fantastic webinar.

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