WATC’s Myriam O’Carroll is invited by the Women’s Forum to cover this ‘must see’ event!



The 9th edition of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting launches in Deauville on Wednesday 16th October – only two days away !

Before I report live from the legendary city of Deauville, I thought you might be interested in knowing a bit of background about the Women’s Forum, known as the ‘Davos for women’.

Women’s Forum Background

The first Women’s Forum – created for women, by a woman with a vision: Aude de Thuin

Back in 2005, Aude de Thuin, a French self-made entrepreneur and an SME business leader, wanted to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos. Ignored by the organisers – and quite shocked about it – she decided to create her own equivalent forum: an international forum for women where women could meet, debate and shape the future economy by having their voice raised.

The Women’s Forum goes beyond borders

The Women’s Forum’s vision welcomes women from all walks of life – beyond borders of race, culture and religion to unite women in joining forces to shape new economic power. Supported by influential personalities and business partners, run by Publicis Worldwide, the Women’s Forum is chaired by Véronique Morali, an inspirational change maker and recognised leader in supporting women in business. This year the Women’s Forum is also, for the first time, expanding beyond the French frontiers, with editions in Brazil and Myanmar.

The Women’s Forum: where women walk the talk

The Women’s Forum for the Economy & the Society provides a platform for international women leaders to debate on economic and social issues for a sustainable future. It focuses on creating synergies between philanthropy and business. Designed as a place where women walk the talk, the Women’s Forum is a place where actions and initiatives are put in place, implemented and accountable. Its DNA? Inform, inspire and connect.

The 9th Edition of the Women’s Forum: a focus on collaboration & creativity to foster innovation

This year, the Women’s Forum Global Meeting explores the meaning of The Open World: Compete, cooperate, create and its impact on the economy, society and the environment.

That leads to numerous questions such as:

  • Why women’s rights as an essential tool for cooperation?
  • Is the next generation learning to cooperate or to compete?
  • How do ‘open conversations’ foster innovation?
  • How can we bring cultural diversity and knowledge into our organisations?
  • Where does cooperation end and competition begin today?
  • How can the working environment stimulate innovation?
  • How can the power of women be harnessed to reinvent the rules of business?

I will engage conversations with the renowned speakers at the Forum to find out how we can answer some of these questions. Talking to inspirational leaders, social and business entrepreneurs, change makers and creative thinkers, I will ask them how we can – individually and collectively – act as catalysts for change in shaping our future and make a difference.

Watch this space!





About the author

Myriam is the features editor for our Inspirational Women in business. She is committed to raising the voice of women in media and has met some of the most prolific women (and, dare we say it, is as inspirational as those she interviews!). Myriam has been working in the industry for over ten years, with CNN and CNBC Europe. She is also the founder of Smart Content, a boutique consultancy helping brands to express their authentic personality and engage with their consumer groups, through compelling content.

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