Ways to become 10 years younger

42-15530314Ways to become 10 years younger while living for 16-25 years longer by making some simple everyday adjustments to your lifestyle.
  • Sleep away from electrical appliances – In the past it was usual to have just one electrical socket in our bedrooms and bedrooms were very much appliance free zones, now our bedside table is loaded with charging appliances like mobile phones, i-pads, cordless phones and alarm clocks and the EMFs- electro magnetic frequencies-so close to our sleeping bodies can accelerate ageing.
  • Sleep with one flatter pillow in a silk pillow case – we tend to have more lines on the right side of our face than on the left, because that is the side we sleep on more frequently. Sleeping with our face pushed into lots of plump pillows creates more wrinkles, which are memories that we pleat into our face as we sleep. Keep your plump pillows for reading in bed and put them to one side while you are sleeping.
  • Take Digestive enzymes – if you eat late at night your pancreatic enzymes will work overtime to digest food. The purpose of pancreatic enzymes is to digest food during the day and at late at night their job is to repair and rejuvenate your cells. This process is always set aside when you eat late because digesting food takes priority over repairing cells. Digestive enzymes help your body digest the food you have eaten so your pancreatic enzymes can repair you cells while you are sleeping.
  • Be asleep by 10:00pm a few nights a week and almost always by 2.00am as this is when cell repair begins. If you frequently stay up after 2.00am your body can’t repair your cells and while this is fine occasionally it is very ageing if you do it too often.
  • Trampoline as it stimulates your lymphatic system, which is your immune system. Because jumping on a trampoline is weightless it is proven to get rid of bags under your eyes and improve your skin tone.
  • Skin Brush your lymph sites – they are in your groin, armpits, neck and the back of your knees and elbows. We have more lymph in our body than we have blood but without a pump. Skin brushing moves your lymph around and stops it becoming impacted. It makes you look and feel younger and makes your immune system more efficient.
  • Banish margarine and sweeteners – they are so full of toxic chemicals that your body cannot remove and are linked to rapid ageing of the brain and body, which is why more states and countries are banning them.
  • Practice Neurobics – this means introduce your brain to new things. Your brain is brutal in its ‘use it or lose it attitude’. Practice Suduko and read your newspapers on an i-pad. Clean your teeth and go upstairs using the left hand and the left leg. For right handed people this is the wrong leg and the wrong hand and using the wrong one makes brand new brain neurons and also keeps existing neurons much stronger, this can prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia and other forms of brain ageing.
  • Eat nuts regularly – Eat Brazil nuts as they contain selenium, which reverses ageing. Eat Walnuts as the copper they contain stops hair becoming prematurely grey. Add Tumeric to foods as this spice stops the brain shrinking and brain shrinkage is a major factor in the ageing of the brain.
  • Forget to be old – think young thoughts and do young things; sing, dance, move, laugh more, be childlike from time to time. Doing young things makes you feel and look younger. Our biological age – the age of our organs is influenced by our psychological age- the way we feel. When we do young things we feel younger and this in turn sends a message to our brain that slows down ageing and as a result we can become younger. That is why girly women like Goldie Hawn, Lulu, Joanna Lumley, Joan Collins and Felicity Kendall look so young.
  • Inversion – Kneel down with your hands clasped out in front of you and your arms and elbows on the floor. Place your scalp into your hands making sure the crown of your head is fully on the floor for just a few minutes. This boosts blood flow to the scalp, regular inversion is why Yogis have thick, luxurious, flowing hair.
  • Sex makes you younger. We are the only species that have sex for pleasure but nature assumes we are having sex only to procreate, even when we have long since passed that age. As a consequence sex slows down the rate at which we age. Each time women orgasm they produce Natural Killer cells that boost longevity, fight ageing related diseases and fight depression.
  • Take these supplements: Ginko Biloba delays ageing. Selenium reverses ageing. Co-enzyme Q10 – you are not what you eat you are what you absorb. CO-Q10 forces your body to absorb all the vitamins from your diet. Omega 3 oils are called essential oils for a reason as your brain and body simply cannot function effectively without them.
  • Ensure your daily diet always contains a combination of eggs, oily fish, green leafy vegetables, olives and olive oil and all salad vegetables as well as a small amount of unsalted nuts and seeds as this will give you all the nutrients you need to delay and defy ageing.
  • Replace three servings of carbs every day with protein instead. Replace crisps and crackers with nuts, seeds and olives. Replace rice, pasta and noodles with quinoa. Replace breakfast cereals with eggs or natural yogurt with seeds and nuts. Replace granola bars and biscuits with apples, peppers or celery spread with crunchy nut butters as this can reduce 50% of all age related illnesses.

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