We Girls Rock

We Girls Rock are a London based company offering young women the skills, experience and self confidence needed to plan and fulfill their future life and career goals.

We are predominately all about having fun whilst learning and performing new skills!

Our team are here to empower, encourage and educate young women about different areas of specific industries, by providing them with taster courses, where they can actively explore a desired area of work.

We also strive to promote self confidence and self awareness through our programmes, whilst creating a fun and safe environment for young women to learn in.

WE Run courses in Fashion, Sports, Fashion, Business and Personal Development

WE Organise regular social events to connect women in businesses.

WE Participate in Charity Fundraisers all over the world.

WE Run our own charity events ‘The WGR Project’.

Established in late 2009, We Girls Rock was designed and created by International Model Rachael Williams
After realising a need for a strong, but fun, female support system in the UK, she put together a series of course packages that were specifically designed to give young girls the inspiration and courage to help them excel in life.

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