WeAreTheCity talks to teenagers

WeAreTheCity regularly opens its doors to help youngsters gain work experience.

To date, we have had six apprentices and provided over 12 weeks of work experience for young girls and boys in the Essex and London area.

This week we hosted two fourteen year olds and set them the task of creating their own article, adding pictures and learning how to publish it on Word press and share via social media.

Ella and Lauren are currently studying their GCSE’s at a local comprehensive school in Essex. Their passions include dancing, acting and always fighting for what they believe is right.

Lauren would like to enter a job within the psychology industry, whereas Ella would like to enter the public sector industry, either in healthcare or education.

We asked the girls the following questions:

Can you tell us about a woman who inspires you?

Ella: The most inspirational women in my life would be my sister, as she is constantly fighting for equality, and she has one of the best qualities a human could have, resilience. She never gives up at the first hurdle and always perseveres through challenging times.

Lauren: I believe the most inspirational women in my life is definitely my auntie, this is because she has faced multiple challenges in her life and has always maintained a positive mindset throughout. I often look up to her whenever a challenge is hurled my way.

Who is your celebrity idol and why?

Ella: My idol is Rupaul. He has changed the perception of drag queens and persevered through many up hill battles. He has also used his celebrity status to help others. Furthermore, he is extremely kind and truly cares for others and strives for equality within society.

Lauren: My celebrity idol is Emma Watson; this is due to her playing a pivotal role within gender equality. She is a great role idol for many young women and has also an extremely successful career in acting.


Name something in technology that you think has changed the world.

Ella and Lauren: We believe that one of the most life changing piece of technology that has changed the world is the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web allows access to information at our fingertips. We couldn’t image a world without internet (or Google). We are also aware of how lucky we are as thousands of people still do not have access to the internet.

Social media – Do you think is it a good or bad thing?

Ella and Lauren:

We both believe that social media has several disadvantages as well as advantages. The advantages include role models, communication across the world within a matter of seconds, not to mention the amount of knowledge you can gain. However, there are many disadvantages, such as social media apps, that increase body image issues for women and men. This is due to the stereotypical body types that apps such as instagram promote, especially to teenagers. Another bad part of social is media is that is had made it easier for cyber-bullying to take place.

What’s the one thing you wished they taught you in school?

Ella and Lauren: We believe that schools should teach more life skills, such as taxes, the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards, mortgages and how to live on a budget. These life skills can help students when they grow up and help them to make the right decisions.

If you could change one law that would benefit society what would it be?

Ella and Lauren: We have two laws that we would want to change, one being able to vote at 16. Being able to vote at 16 means that we can decide what our future is like for ourselves without letting the older generations decide for us.

Another law would change university costs, this would increase the number of students who can now attend university, as they don’t have to pay an extortionate amount of money. We believe these laws would change the UK for the better, especially for the younger generation.

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