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For me — being an LGBT ally is just like being a feminist — if you believe in equality, you are one.

But it’s not enough to do this quietly and internally — you have to wear your heart on your sleeve and show your allyship for the world to see.
I’m a feminist, an LGBT+ ally, and my purpose in life and work is all focussed on inclusion and equality. Essentially, I have a huge opportunity, if not an obligation to proactively use my work to support my role as an ally for the LGBT+ community. There are many disturbing, troubling and downright upsetting stats you come across in working in the inclusion space.
One which has stuck with me above all others was something I discovered when researching for an allyship and awareness session. According to a recent TUC report, just over a third (36 per cent) of young people in the LGBT+ community felt comfortable being out at work.
36 per cent.
I couldn’t get that statistic out of my head. Imagine having to filter yourself continually during your working day. To hide who you are, who you love, and to constantly fear being found out.

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Trish DriverAbout the author

Tricia Driver is the Founder and CEO of A New Normal Ltd, creating business impact through inclusion. A New Normal supports organisations in attracting, developing and retaining the best people from broad and diverse talent pools, enabling the creations and sustenance of environments which give all employees the freedom to be their full selves at work every day. The company is named in recognition of the fact that whilst a move to a truly inclusive organisational culture can feel challenging, it doesn’t have to be scary; and the benefits are incredible (with Deloitte identifying that inclusive teams out-perform their peers by 80 per cent!).

Trish has over 15 years experience across the end to end talent lifecycle, from employer branding and recruitment process design, through to people development and alumni programmes. She’s worked across the inclusion landscape, and is particularly proud of her work founding Capgemini UK’s returner programme. Trish is an expert in Unconscious Bias and Inclusion, a skilled and highly regarded coach and a compelling speaker. She describes herself as passionate about all things equality, a feminist, LGBT+ ally, parent, entrepreneur and plate-spinner in chief.

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