Wedding day fears – What are you worried about on your big day?

We all get nervous about our wedding day, it’s perfectly natural. Everyone has their own fears whether it’s the weather, tripping during your walk down the aisle, stumbling over your words during the ceremony – the list goes on.
The Weather

I had a ton of fears but the one that sticks out the most was the one thing I had no control over – The Weather. I had kept a hawk eye on the weather reports a good month before the day. On the morning of the wedding around 6am it was overcast  but by 10 the sun came out. I remember glancing out of the window while having my hair done thinking please don’t rain.

However half an hour before I was to walk down the aisle it began to drizzle. I was in the meeting with the Registrar at the time so I didn’t even know what was happening but after speaking to my family I found out they were all really worried. They knew what I was like hehe. When I came out of the meeting and prepared to walk down the aisle the event coordinator started pulling umbrellas out, I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. It’s raining – I remember asking this and when she looked up at me worry in her eyes I knew it was. However it was only lightly falling but when you have Afro hair light rain doesn’t matter even the smallest drop will frizz my hair up and I didn’t fancy looking like Diana Ross on my wedding day. That hair style may have been acceptable back in the day but not on my wedding day. I began to get angry and then I got teary but not wanting to ruin my make-up I tried desperately to stop the tears.

By the way fanning your eyes so does not work but hey I gave it go.

After a sharp, stern telling off from my Dad I grabbed the stupid ludicrously large white umbrella and went to march down the aisle. But in a split second I realised how stupid I was being, I wasn’t about to let a bit of rain ruin one of the most important days of my life and with that in mind the stress literally fell away.

Moral of the story? You cannot control the weather, worry about things you can control and remember a bit of rain won’t ruin your day.

Red Wine

I was also scared about spilling red wine down my dress, I’d seen so many films where this happened I was adamant this wouldn’t happen to me.

So what did I do? I banned red wine during the meal hehe.

Sounds drastic but I just had a bad feeling so we served white and rose wine instead. People were free to order red wine for the party but not during the meal. However instead of spilling red wine down my dress I actually ended up spilling red wine jus down it haha. But don’t worry it was only a drop and came out straight away. I think that had something to do with the dress being Satin, I managed to get it off the dress before it soaked in PHEW!


I have a habit of getting spots when I’m stressed and of course a wedding is extremely stressful. To try to stop this happening I stuck to a strict cleaning regime which included 3-4 face masks a week and using a face scrub every morning and before bed and guess what? It worked no spots on the day Wooo hooo.

Tripping on your dress

My cousin Danielle got married in June and her fear was that she would trip on her dress as she walked down the aisle. She was completely calm throughout the planning of her wedding. She only had 6 months to plan her big day and still she was completely chilled out up until 2 weeks before where she had a lightning bolt moment. All her fears came to the surface and she began to panic. She was so scared she would fall during her walk but as I told her she was going to be absolutely fine, there was nothing to worry about. It’s easier said than done I know but it’s true. She walked down the aisle like a pro that day, no falling and no tripping on her dress. She oozed confidence and looked stunning, check out the photo – that’s the smile of someone completely over the moon with her big day, it was an honor to be there to witness it.

So what fears do you have? Sometimes just saying them aloud helps I promise.

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4 Responses
  1. Leonnie Turner-Bruce

    I am very impressed what a great idea, definitely one way to get the hubby to be involved but glad you picked your own dress just in case hehe. I’m sure he will do an amazing job x

  2. jennifer

    I really do not know lol as everything is kept a secret, which is a bit stressing lol, so am trusting my husband to be to make it perfect, its like dnt tell the bride but only differance is I picked my own dress 🙂

  3. Leonnie Turner-Bruce

    Hey Jen

    I had that fear as well, its scary stuff worrying about the dress. Good thing with dresses though is they can be taken down or up by 2 sizes I believe. I know you haven’t got long to go and with me I found I lost quite a bit of weight 2 weeks leading up to the day purely worrying/stressing. Is everything else planned?


  4. jennifer

    Lol, my biggest fear is not fitting in my dress, I soo easly lost weight before and got in a size 8 dress, which I ended up buying, because its ammazing. Got a lil lazy and the weight came back on now am strugling as its getting closer, confident its not on my side,