Wellbeing of Women launch Let’s #ChatMenopause campaign to help normalise menopause conversations

Let's #ChatMenopause campaign, wellbeing of women

“I don’t think people realise how raw it feels when you first realise you are menopausal.” – Carolyn Harris MP

Wellbeing of Women have launched a new campaign, Let’s #ChatMenopause, to help break the menopause taboo and make women feel less alone. The campaign features films of inspiring women sharing their experiences of menopause.

Sadly, many people still do not feel comfortable talking to others about the menopause, even with close friends or family. Some may not even be aware they’re approaching or going through the menopause due to a lack of awareness.

Wellbeing of Women conducted a survey where over half of all women said they would be more likely to share their own experience of menopause if they saw more people speaking out publicly.

Wellbeing of women survey stats

It’s important women get the help they need to feel supported, and this starts with normalising conversations and breaking the stigma that surrounds menopause.

The campaign features inspiring videos of women including Penny Lancaster, where she describes her cry for help during the Covid-19 pandemic when she started experiencing menopause symptoms; Carolyn Harris MP, who experienced depression after the loss of her son; Dr Nighat Arif, who discusses race and the menopause; and TV presenter Kate Thornton, where she talks to women from the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force about the menopause and their careers.

Join the conversation and share your own story on social media using the hashtag, #ChatMenopause and tag @wellbeingofwomen.



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