We’re almost there – we need your help by 5th June 2015

Up to the 5th June the UK government is matching all donations to Womankind Worldwide’s Stop Violence Against Women and Girls appeal.Womankind Women

Violence against women is a global problem – 1 in 3 women experience violence worldwide – and you can help stop it.

With the extra money from the UK government Womankind will be working with their partners in Kenya and Tanzania to stop violence and bring an end to harmful traditional practices like FGM and forced marriage.

Marianne is one woman who was supported by our partner the Women’s Legal Aid Centre (WLAC) in Tanzania. WLAC trains refugees in a camp in Tanzania to become paralegals, supporting other refugees facing violence. Marianne arrived at the camp after fleeing war torn Congo with her husband and children. Soon after, her husband abandoned her and the children leaving them with no where to live and no ration card for food.

“That’s when a neighbour put me in touch with one of WLAC’s paralegals. They counselled me and supported me to take the case to court. I was given a house to live in with my children and a ration card so I could feed them. WLAC’s legal assistance and counselling gave me strength to stand and defend my rights”

With your help WLAC are also working with traditional leaders and communities to change attitudes and create safe environments where women and girls can exercise their rights and live free from violence.

Every pound donated means even more women will be supported – but the matching ends this Friday.

£10 will be doubled to £20 and could help pay for the counselling, advice and support a woman may need to leave a violent relationship.

You can make a donation quickly and easily through Womankind’s website and it will be matched pound for pound by the UK government.


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