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Hey there 🙂

I hope you didn’t think you’d heard the last of me hehe. I’ve just been busy working and enjoying married life but I still have lots to share with you such as the honeymoon. But before I spill the beans about that I wanted to talk about Valentine’s Day.

What do you do for Valentine’s day?

Do you go out for a meal, stay in and cook? Do you send your other half flowers or give them gifts OR do you not celebrate Valentine’s Day as I have heard many people say.

Me and Matt use Valentine’s day as an excuse to test new recipes. I loveeeeee cooking and have converted my dear hubby. He used to be dreadful but now my hubby come chef has mastered some serious cooking skills so we set each other tests.

It’s like a tradition with us now, we never go out as we find restaurants jam pack everyone in and it’s not very romantic sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers.

So instead we keep it simple, we each pick a new recipe to cook. He usually picks the starter and I do the main. We set the table in the living room, light some candles and of course have the house wine chilling in the fridge. There is a sparkling rose wine called Matteus – this is what we call our house wine because I call Matt Matteus – a bit like a nickname I guess. Anyway so the wine is chilling, the table is set, my hair is done and I’ve dressed up.

Clad in high heel shoes the contest begins.

After we’ve eaten we discuss the meals and try to pick a winner but by this point the wine has done its job and were laughing too much and are too full to care who won. I always do a dessert as well and you just can’t beat home-made apple pie and custard hehe. After dinner we chill out on the couch with full tummies and watch a DVD. We have a massive DVD collection (thanks to the hubby) and it’s one of the many things we enjoy together although I have to add he hates horror films whereas I like them so there are often a few issues on selecting the film hehe. Thankfully we already have the DVD selected and will be celebrating our Valentine’s Day tomorrow instead of today –

my rule no drinking during the week as I am a complete light weight and working with a hangover is not something I enjoy 🙂

Eating at home and just watching a DVD may seem boring to some but its perfect for me and Matt. It keeps the costs down and both of us can chill out, have a drink and not have to worry about getting taxi’s home or driving or shouting over everyone else in the restaurant.

That’s how we spend our Valentine’s Day what about you?

Do you stick with the norm? Or do you do something different? As lots of people will agree you do not have to spend a lot of money to prove you love someone, it’s the small things that will make someone feel special.

One year Matt sent me an email in which he included an invitation to dinner (at home), he created it in word in the style of a menu. I didn’t expect it and I thought it was so sweet. That day I got the night off and got waited on all night – Fab.

While he was busy cooking in the kitchen I got to drink most of the house wine and chat away it was bliss.

To me that was special as he’d taken the time to create the invite and get all the ingredients for dinner. He even put the tea towel over his arm while pouring my wine it was funny. From that day on we celebrated Valentine’s day at home.

Valentine’s Day is all about Love. Not just for your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancée, hubby wife etc. but anyone you love in your life. Use this day to tell the people you cherish in your life that you love them, it might just make their day.

So on that note I’d like to say Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you have a day filled with love and laughter.

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