What Does Aab Collection Bring to Modest Muslim Fashion?

modernOf all the controversies faced by the Muslim faith over the years, arguably one of the biggest has been centred around the impact that fashion has on the lives of Muslims, especially females.  While a modest style of dress has always been favoured by Muslims, critics of the faith argued that what a Muslim woman wore went far beyond merely satisfying religious teachings. Instead, it was put that certain aspects of modest dress, particularly controversial items such as the niqab or the burka, promoted oppression of women and limited their potential to play an active role in many areas of life and society in general.

In recent years, although the religion of Islam has remained conservative, attitudes around clothing have relaxed somewhat, and women are now able to wear stylish pieces that do not go against the requirements of their faith in any way.

One of the leaders in the design and production of modern Islamic clothing has been Aab Collection.

The biggest impact of these modern Islamic fashions is that women’s lives have changed forever, and for the better.

Who are They?

Aab Collection was established five years ago, with the aim to fill a void in the fashion market for Muslim women who wanted to wear traditional modest Islamic dress while wearing aspirational and stylish clothes that would help them to make their mark in society.

Over the last five years, the company has built itself a reputation for providing quality and luxurious goods for Muslim women. A whole range of products is provided, from traditional abayas and jilbabs to kaftan dresses and colourful, patterned versions of the hijab headdress.

The aim of Aab Collection was to provide a range of simple yet stylish garments, with an aim of achieving modesty but also desirable, comfortable, and functional pieces of clothing. They have the stated objective of helping Muslim women with multiple roles to play in today’s society stay stylish at all times while wearing their designs.

Assured Quality

The business takes great pride in the clothing that it produces, and all of their designs are produced using only high-quality natural fibres.

There is also a clear focus on sustainability, both from an environmental perspective and a human one. Aab Collection ensures that working conditions for those making their clothes are of a high standard, and that nor people or the environment are exploited during the production process. Ethics are high on the agenda with this company, meaning that consumers who wear their clothes can do so with the peace of mind of knowing that is has been produced in ‘the right way.’

Aims for Women

The biggest impact of these modern Islamic fashions is that women’s lives have changed forever, and for the better. Where in the past women would be unable to build relationships with peer groups throughout society, or feel uncomfortable doing so, they now find themselves in a great position to take a central role in society.

The new breed of Islamic clothing is suitable for women who work full time, are parents, and have a busy portfolio of social interests, either independently of each other, or all at the same time.

Aab Collection is an e-commerce retailer selling Islamic clothing, such as hijab, kaftan dresses, predominantly aimed at Muslim women with multiple roles to play in today’s society. A kaftan dress is a tasteful and elegant option for a woman to wear to a job interview.

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