What Happened Next?

So what happened next? Mr A gets in touch the next day… Giddy giddy giddy!!! Feeling composed right now.. So WiseGirl stays cool…. Mr A sends a number of texts, sounds really anxious and keen.. So I play along… Periodically he sends a text and periodically I send one back. At this point the old plan is working i.e play cool, play uninterested, let him chase…. It took about a week before I agreed to the first date……. and here comes the trouble and the birth of the Journey!!

At this point, WiseGirl left thinking it’s sealed!!! Wrong!!!!

First date, went really well.. Well thinking back, maybe not!! These are the tell tale signs….

1) He didn’t book the restaurant that he chose… The old mind of mine, says aaahhh that’s OK

2) We eventually decided to go with the flow… ended up at a very nice, welcoming restaurant. It was fun though but

3) He was late in coming to the date…. blamed it on transportation.. I let it go..

And ended up having a fantastic time evening….

At this point, WiseGirl left thinking it’s sealed!!! Wrong!!!!

Looking back… this is silly!!! It’s not that WiseGirl doesn’t like this guy already, she so does!! The problem though is that in the middle of the giddyness, WiseGirl overlook soo many things… She  is not really dancing to Mr A’s tune!! Oh dear!!

The birth of The Journey begins……



About the author

AWiseGirl.com was created to test out a new phenomenon!! We hear of countless stories where women (and many women around the world) go on a date, maybe once or twice…. get to know the guy and then as soon as she makes up her mind that this is the guy that she would like to have in her life… the guy suddenly turns cold towards her!!! Sounds familiar? What happened? How did this nice guy who was pursuing you countlessly suddenly turned cold the moment you started to show an interest in him? Why did he change his attitude? Why did he stopped calling, stopped texting, cancelled the date (with an excuse— I’m sick! and never called back)

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