What is the enemy that lurks in your wardrobe?

Know your enemy and know yourself and you can find a hundred battles without disaster

Sun Tzu

Putting yourself out there on the front line everyday either as an entrepreneur or in a position of seniority at work, you need to make sure your clothes have ‘got your back’ so to speak. Sometime it can be hard to put your best fit forward if you feel like your clothes are your enemy rather than your best friend. Our wardrobes harbour so many different emotions and this hampers our path to success. Wearing clothes we don’t feel confident in have a ripple effect on how we might pitch to a client or give a presentation.

So by learning more about yourself, how you feel in your clothes and what enemies lie dormant in your wardrobe is half the battle to getting ‘visible’. The other half is having the strength to do battle with the enemy and win the war to reclaim serenity and peace in your wardrobe.

Follow these simple steps to learn more about your wardrobe gremlins and how to defeat them

  • Look at the clothes in your wardrobe and start to identify your wardrobe personality. What are the common themes you see in clothes you don’t wear a lot or that give you that uninspired feeling for example
    • Is there lots of monotone in there and no sparkle or imprint of YOU?
    • Is there just too much going on in your wardrobe that it’s hard to see the wood for the trees?
    • Have you overdone it in one area, like purchasing too many skirts but not enough tops?

Identifying common themes relate back to your shopping behaviours. This can have a direct impact on how you feel on the other side when you go to put on your clothes. So for example constantly buying your default nude colours can leave you feeling quite bored of your look and a bit blah. Or not having balanced selection of clothes causes frustration as you realise that lovely skirt you bought on a whim doesn’t work with anything you own.

  • Do I love it? Clothes that are your best friends make you feel that instant warm feeling instead and give you that pep in your step to strut your stuff. Some clothes can be mood killers but we keep hold of them because we believe we will find a way to wear it one day or it’s too expensive to throw away for example. Ask yourself these key questions:
    • Does the item lift your energy and makes you feel good?
    • Does it represent the woman I am today? I’m not talking the future you or the ‘you’ three years ago..this woman in the present. This is the woman people are meeting today.
    • Is it flattering? Does the color work for your skin tone, fit beautifully and is it in good condition?

Clothes that don’t offer any love or a perfect fit are energy zappers and enemies that take up valuable space in your wardrobe. Your clothes have to compliment and empower you to enhance your confidence. That’s why it is important to banish certain enemies that don’t represent who you are. Start to really listen to what your body tells you when you wear certain items or when you have a reluctance to wearing something. It maybe time to let it go..pass it on…sell it…Do whatever it takes to win the war.

Go on, give these steps a try in your wardrobe. You will begin to create a wardrobe that will be your best friend and not your enemy.. Why not try our new Mini or Maxi Wardrobe Diets with a £100 off until Dec 31st.  Click to find out more

Author Bio:

Samantha Clarke is the Chief Creative Architect at Zukuri UnLtd & Style Architecture Academy helping female professionals and entrepreneurs get ‘visible’ in their jobs & business. Stop shying away behind your clothes and get out there and show clients what you are made of. She helps clients know their style, cut the clutter from their wardrobes and shop smarter to walk their walk with confidence and pride. Hop on over to the www.zukuriunltd.com for more tips and treats on how to up your client magnetism for success.

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