What to eat for endless energy and a slimmer you

Healthy foodYou’ve got to eat smart to work smart. As far as I’m concerned not all calories are equal and dieting is a dirty word.

I’m sure most of you have worked in companies where cutback after cutback has led to a reduction in output, quality and effectiveness. It’s the same with food. If you don’t eat enough of the right type neither your body nor your brain will function at its best.

Did you know that your brain is 60% fat? Don’t be afraid of fat – you need good fat to function. Without good quality fats you really can’t think properly. How can you make good business decisions if you can’t think straight?

Did you know that if you’re slightly dehydrated your brain can mistake your thirst mechanism for hunger? Aim to drink approx. 2 litres of water each day otherwise you might be eating when actually it’s fluid your body’s craving. Next time a hunger craving hits you at work head for the water cooler not the local eateries.

Follow these simple guidelines and watch those pounds melt away whilst your energy levels remain high:


Choose a good source of protein for breakfast. It will fill you up, balance your blood sugars and you’ll have buckets of energy throughout the morning radically reducing the need to snack.


Eat a protein based lunch too along with lots and lots of green veg. You’ll stay fuller for longer, your blood sugar will remain constant throughout the afternoon and you’ll be much less likely to experience that mid afternoon slump.


Include carbohydrates at dinner but keep the portions low. A few of the right carbs as part of your evening meal will help you sleep and you won’t wake up starving.

So what should you be eating? Here’s your ideal menu for healthy weight loss and buckets of energy:


Greek yoghurt with chopped nuts, seeds and black grapes


Turkey salad with a rainbow selection of raw veg


Roast Chicken breast, steamed greens and sweet potato mash

And don’t forget your snacks! A few of my favourites are olives, blueberries, strawberries, Brazil nuts or some veggie sticks and hummus.

women loosing weightHealthy weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult and feeling tired most of the time doesn’t have to be the norm. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll soon find that you’re working smarter too. You’ll be more focused, productive and effective and you’ll get that promotion you’ve been chasing too.

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About the author

Julie Dennis is a weight loss specialist for women over 40 and through menopause. She is WATC's new fitness and health blogger. Follow Julie’s blog or visit: www.juliedennis.net.

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