What you can do in the new year to make your career dreams come true? 

woman going through a career change

Faye Eldridge, founder of FYAMI Growth Management Consultancy advises on the steps to take if you are considering a change of career in the new year. 

2021 taught us that nothing is certain. It also prompted many of us to re-evaluate and reconsider the important things, the things that matter. In some cases, this can mean a change of career.

If you are thinking of making a career move, or changing the direction of your career, here are five things to consider.

Think about where you want to be in the next two years

Be realistic about your goals and don’t try to think too far ahead.  A two-year trajectory is an advisable, achievable aim. Think about what your small ambitions are, in bite sized pieces, which can make it easier to set realistic targets.

It’s a good idea to work backwards from your target career goal/ position. Envisage yourself in that position and visualise the layers preceding it. This can help you plan what’s needed from you to get there; also seeing yourself within that role will give you the mindset and confidence to go forth and achieve.

Write down affirmations 

Affirmations are a great way of encouraging self-belief and reminding yourself that you really can do it! Positive affirmations can help you see more clearly and drive you towards your goal. Write down what you want to achieve and importantly, why?

Then, keep a journal of your progress at regular intervals along the way. This will help to keep you focused, on track and fully aligned to your goal.

Learn and upskill – all the time 

There are so many great resources available to utilise, many of which are free. LinkedIn Academy has many free courses and there are some great knowledge hubs on Google Digital Academy.  Make the effort to spend some of your free evening or weekend time learning, you won’t regret it and it will empower you, knowing that you have gone the extra mile in helping yourself to achieve your goal. And do keep learning to ensure you stay stimulated and motivated.

The importance of networking 

Networking- more than ever- is key to building your career. Look online for online networking groups associated to your chosen field, and search LinkedIn for likeminded contacts. Also, don’t be afraid to make contact with industry figures or mentors that you admire –get in touch and introduce yourself, ask questions. It will demonstrate that you have initiative and that is something that is always noticed.

Keep a positive mindset 

It can be challenging changing career or your job, so it is critical to look after yourself, physically and mentally, while doing so. Ensure that you get plenty of fresh air with a daily walk and try to eat well, and drink lots of water. Prioritise your mental health and ensure you get enough rest.

Clarity and focus will get you to where you want to be, and doing all of these things will help you achieve that clarity.

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