When’s the best time of day to get your work done?

With so many people thrown into remote working because of COVID-19, now seems like a good time to reassess how we actually shape and spend our work days.

Whether you’ve had to juggle childcare or have just taken advantage of your new flexibility to work different hours during lockdown, you may well have noticed that your normal 9-5 isn’t actually the most productive way to plan your day.

It turns out that science agrees with you, because there really are certain times of the day that are ideal for getting certain tasks done. For example, 9am is the best time for breakfast, while 10am is a better time to actually start work. But don’t take that as an excuse for a long lie-in, because if you want someone to reply to your emails, you need to be sending them before 7am, while you’re at your most creative at around 8am.

So why not see what these scientific studies have to say about when the best times are to do your most important tasks and see how much more productive you could be?

Courtesy of: Headway Capital

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