Which colours should you be wearing for Autumn 2015

Maria mori

Colour is one of the most important things when it comes to getting the look right for a new season. Each season, Pantone make recommendations about the colours that will really capture the spirit of the fashion trends that year, and these tend to have a big influence not only on the clothes you’ll find in your favorite stores, but also on things like interior design.

The colour palette for women’s clothing for autumn 2015 is an interesting one, with dark, stormy grays and rich, opulent gem colours. Whether you like brights or neutrals, you are sure to find your new season’s go to color in among these great fall shades:

Deep Blue Gray

Pantone’s autumn 2015 palette features a hue called ‘stormy weather‘, which is a deep gray with a hint of navy to it that brings to mind a stormy ocean. This is a stunning neutral that looks great in wool for things like coats or suits, but can also be incredibly stylish as a metallic. As an example, a sequin top in this kind of colour looks glamorous and sophisticated without the brashness that could come with wearing more silvery sequins. It is also a good colour for highly textures fabrics like velvet, as it has a lot of depth and that very subtle hint of blue gives it an intriguing edge.

Soft Pink

If you are a fan of feminine pinks, then there is a stunning shade called ‘cashmere rose’ in the Pantone collection for autumn 2015 that is really beautiful. It is a dusky pink which looks lovely in, as the name suggests, cashmere and other soft, luxurious knits, and is also a stunning shade for evening dresses in silk or taffeta. This colour can be worn very easily with the deep gray described above, and other shades from the palette like the striking purple of ‘amethyst orchid’. Cashmere rose is also a really great colour for make up this fall, so wear it on your lips, eyes and cheeks!

Vibrant Peach

If you want a more unusual colour that will really turn heads, check out Pantone’s ‘cadmium orange’. More a peach or salmon shade than a true orange, this is a fun and eye-catching colour that looks great on everything from simple tees through to evening dresses, and is also a great colour to use to add a splash of brightness to a more neutral outfit in the form of a scarf or bag. It may look hard to wear at first because it is so unusual, but when paired with stormy weather or even black it is actually very easy to slip it into your wardrobe – or you can just go all out with a cadmium orange dress!

These are just three of the coolest shades for autumn 2015, so look out for them when you are piecing together your wardrobe for the rest of the autumn season, and have fun trying them out!

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