Which country gets the most time off? | Interactive Infographic

Have you ever wondered how many vacation days people from other countries get each year?

Or how long new mothers can take off work for maternity leave in different cultures?

Research shows that taking vacation time can help keep your productivity levels high whilst improving your mental health and wellbeing. Yet many countries don’t create the conditions for businesses to offer vacation time to their employees.

We gathered data from the World Policy Analysis Center, the International Labour Organization and Globalization Partners (among other sources) to identify the countries with the most days off and those with the least.

The project was commissioned by Resume.io with the objective of identifying the countries where the workaholic culture has taken over and those where labor laws see work-life balance as a priority.

To compare different types of time off around the world, use the toggle buttons on the left of the map. You can further refine the map by selecting whether days off are paid, unpaid or both as well as which days are specifically allocated to the different legal genders by using the buttons at the top.

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