Agape Cottage: Whispers of the Heart

6324-Hour Programme at Agape Cottage

Whispers of the Heart is perfect if you are going through a life changing transition, in need of resolving deeper and traumatic issues or becoming increasing aware of restlessness in your spirit  that is nudging you to a new place.

There is know other therapeutic environment that offers a one to one care fast track transformational therapy programme in a safe space like Agape Cottage. Sharon takes care of your every need and is known for making you instantly feel at ease and able to open up as if you where sitting with a trusted friend.

You will be nurtured and supported in a unique therapeutic healing way that takes place naturally at your own pace and without pressure. You will be given the opportunity to explore issues that hold you back and what you need to do going forward.With Love

For more information please contact: [email protected]


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