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Are you living your life as the ‘real you’ or are you living your life in a way that you think other people expect you to be.

So many people lose themselves in the sense that they don’t actually become who they really are embodying a persona separate from their authentic self. They never fulfil their legacy because they never truly accept who they are. I see so many people in life, living a life they don’t want to live, with a body that they don’t like, with a job that they don’t want to be in, with a partner that doesn’t truly make them happy or living in a country that they don’t even feel is home. The difference between these people and the people that actually live their life the way they want to live is fear. They are too fearful of standing up for what they believe in and for what they think they deserve.

The door is only closed to those who believe they are not worthy of such freedom.

Now, there is another type of person who lives their life on their terms, who won’t accept anything less. They know that in this universe anything is possible and that at any moment at any day or time we can make a decision that can change our lives forever. They don’t settle for unhappy relationships, jobs that don’t fulfil them, average or below average health. They are go getters who know what they are capable of and what their heart desires. These are the people that know that opportunities are always there for them, the door is always open. The door is only closed to those who believe they are not worthy of such freedom.

Often it is the case that people are too fearful to make decisions to change their life because they are coming from a disempowered place at origin. They have negative energy, which often stems from lack of support which in turn means their health is under par leaving their body and mind disempowered. When we don’t feel good, we lack the strength and confidence to bring about change. Everything starts with physiology. Once you change your state by taking care of your health, fitness, nutrition and mindset making decisions come easy and scary decisions become easy decisions.

If you feel like you are not living true to yourself and that you’re not living the life you are actually capable of

For those looking to facilitate change in their life but are resistant due to a fearful mentality, first things first you must move your body every day. Get up early, meditate, and fuel your body with foods that are actually going to nourish you. Cut the toxins like sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Start eating natural foods and hydrate your body to the maximum. Our body is made up of 70% water so you must stay hydrated. As soon as you dehydrate you are going to be in an anxious, worried, stressed out state which is no place to make decisions from.
You want to put yourself in an empowered state so you can make empowered decisions. Hydrate, move your body, meditate, be grateful for what you have and get outside, immerse yourself in nature. Spend as much time as you can outside, as natural human beings we are meant to live a natural human existence by getting outside and experiencing all the joys of life like sunshine, water, food from the earth and movement.

If you feel like you are not living true to yourself and that you’re not living the life you are actually capable of, change your state where you are now and as a result your life will change. By being healthy, moving your body, eating natural foods and getting outside you will have more energy and vitality. Most importantly you will have the confidence you need to make the changes in your life that you desire.

Don’t settle for less than you can be. Be extraordinary!

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