Whoa! Woman! : NY Woman is arrested for selling Stamps to ‘Stamp out’ her Husband

Handcuffs-and-stampsBizarre News: A New York woman allegedly used a $60,000 rare stamp collection in an attempt to pay to kill her husband, police say.

Elena Adams, 57, was arrested on Thursday (30/8/2013) on criminal conspiracy and criminal  charges. Police say she gave a rare stamp collection and jewellery  to an undercover NYPD investigator as payment in a plan to kill her husband.

The woman allegedly arranged a meeting Thursday with a person she thought was a hit man, police say. She allegedly told the undercover cop that her husband was hiding money from her and that she was the beneficiary on a life insurance policy he took out when they got married 20 years ago.

The woman allegedly planned to have her husband killed after they had lunch Sunday at a restaurant in Jersey. She wanted her husband to be hit by a car while the couple was crossing the street, police said, so it looked like an accident.

She was arrested Thursday as soon as she got out of the car where she allegedly planned the hit.

Mrs Adams, who has no criminal history, was remanded and an order of protection was taken out for her husband.

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