Why dresses are your secret weapon

dress 3Dresses…do you wear them or are they something strictly reserved for nights out and weddings?

With the change in corporate culture in recent years, some might argue there is a greater role for them in our professional wardrobe. I would be one of them. As dress codes have relaxed, it is often said that men have it easier in terms of getting dressed each morning. Why? Because it’s harder to get it wrong, the options available to women regarding clothing and accessories create more interesting possibilities but also make getting it just right more tricky.

The market is now flooded with dresses (some even have sleeves!) so I truly believe there is a dress for every woman to feel great in and look credible at the office. They can be just as formal as a suit if worn with the right accessories, heels and a jacket but are somehow more interesting than a traditional suit, shirt and heels.

When it comes to the dress I certainly think as women we should be thankful. I wanted to share with you the benefits of having a selection of dresses at your disposal in your working wardrobe

  1. They can be worn with different items for different occasions. Easy to dress down with opaque tights, flat pump shoes and costume jewellery, easy to dress up, with heels and some jewellery with sparkle for an after work event. Multiple outfit options from just one major purchase.
  2. They prevent us looking like we are trying to fit in with our male colleagues and dress in a masculine way (unless of course that suits your wardrobe personality). A dress helps us to differentiate ourselves, yet still look professional and appropriate (as long as it’s a good choice for the day ahead).
  3. There’s less to think about! With separates, you have more items to co-ordinate
  4. They are great for the majority of us who are either longer in the body or the legs (80% of us are one or the other). It makes it easier to create a balanced look without working out where our skirt/trousers should start and where our top should finish to look good.
  5. With a greater variety available than ever before, there is something for everyone – different patterns, necklines, sleeve lengths, cuts and importantly types such as day dresses.

So there are 5 great reasons to embrace dresses. What’s holding you’d back? I’d love to know. If you are not usually a dress person, I challenge you to go and try some, you might never look back!

Author Bio

Joanna Gaudoin helps women and organisations achieve professional success by working with them on their image and impact. Prior to establishing Inside Out, Joanna Gaudoin spent nearly 10 years in marketing and consultancy. She now works with women one-to-one, as well as running client events and workshops across all areas of image and impact including networking and online personal image. To sign up for her free ‘Boost Your Personal Impact Guide’ and ‘Your Image for Success Update’, visit: http://insideoutimage.co.uk/personal-impact/

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