Why is conversational commerce so important? | Warwick Business School

conversational commerce, AI robot with finger pointed, Warwick Business School

I regularly fly with KLM from Minneapolis to New Delhi, and always stop over in Amsterdam.

I am frequently in Minneapolis for research and this is my route to go home to take a break from work.

I have done the journey so many times that I know almost all the shops at Schiphol inside out. However, one time in summer 2019, the predictability was broken when I missed my connecting flight to New Delhi.

I was tired, hungry, sleepy, and the customer-service counter was closed. I had the choice to make the long walk to customer services at the next gate or use my iPhone, so I tried my phone.

I texted the KLM WhatsApp number and went back and forth with an assistant on my choices. Within minutes I was on the next flight, with the boarding pass on my phone. It was only later that I discovered that I had been dealing with next-generation artificial intelligence – in an example of the new field of conversational commerce.

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