Why Laura Bassett shouldn’t kick herself | England World Cup 2015

2015 and England’s World Cup dream concluded in the devastating blow when Laura Bassett’s stoppage time own goal immediately halted the Lionesses from progressing to the final in Vancouver.

With headlines on the BBC, The Guardian and numerous other media channels of England’s hopes being dashed by an ‘own goal.’  At the end of the day it was a cruel deflection that no one could have predicted – technically an own goal but why make it out to be a thing of malice when it was a simple deflection?

England were never given much credit throughout the tournament and when they scooped a clinching win against the host nation Canada, the whole country woke up to the fact, the England Football are pretty much as successful as the more famous male side.

With this World Cup actually being televised and with a large budget for commentary and analysis, this has been the Lionesses triumph.  The media wants to blame someone but lets not blame Laura for what has been a nail biting and excellent campaign from the underdog.

With football now being rediscovered and supported from younger women, we are in a place where on recent radio show call ins  there has been complaints over if ‘Women’s Football’ should be called women’s football and the monopoly of the generic term Football cannot be held by men. It should be Men’s Football and Women’s Football.

Either way Laura, we are proud supporters of you and the team and would congratulate you all on your return.

Unlike other media channels we don’t want to show you upset (as everyone who has a brain would know that you were) and show you at your best, defending!

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