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This is a question that I am asked a lot and has spawned a series of articles – this is part one

In 2013, my best friend was introduced to Network Marketing and fell in love with the concept.

At that time, after selling my own business that I had built over the previous decade; I was the UK Operations Director for a large Insurance Brokerage, with responsibility for overseeing all of the offices in the UK. It was a stressful but rewarding and enjoyable job; and I earned a salary that most people could only dream of. I listened to everything my friend told me about the business and the opportunity – and promptly forgot about it the second she walked out of the door. I didn’t understand the business model and simply didn’t believe in the opportunity; and so I became one of the many skeptics of Multi Level Marketing / Network Marketing businesses.

Soon after, I was head hunted to become Managing Director of another very successful Insurance Business. As I embarked on this next stage of my career, I was so sure that I had made the right decision that whenever my friend talked about her blossoming Network Marketing business, I was completely closed to hearing what she had to say.

Long hours, work pressure and spending very little time with my family eventually took its toll – my work life was making me desperately unhappy. In the meantime, my friend had built a home-based Network Marketing business, on her own terms – and it was providing her with financial security, freedom and time to spend as she chose.

Was I still skeptical about Network Marketing? In some ways I was – largely because I knew so little about the industry. I had drawn my own conclusions, without knowing the facts. The reality was the more I learned about the MLM concept and the many opportunities that were available to anyone, the more my eyes were opened to a future that was very different to what I had known before.

Direct selling – of which Network Marketing is the largest segment – was called ‘the best kept secret in the business world’ by Fortune Magazine. It achieved a growth of 91% in the last 10 years; with yearly sales of 100 billion Dollars globally. It is called a “recession proof” industry by financial professionals. After Billionaire Warren Buffet purchased a Network Marketing company, he referred to it as the best investment he had ever made. The author of “In Search of Excellence”, Tom Peters, calls it the first genuine revolutionary shift in marketing in the last 50 years.

Network Marketing suits the marketing trends of today and this is the main reason a lot of people are getting involved in it. More and more people are searching for ways to secure their long term financial future; and products that will help them feel and look younger, so that they can enjoy their later life. Could the answer lie in Network Marketing?

Part two will follow soon. If you’re interested in Network Marketing please don’t hesitate to visit my website and get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.


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