Why unleashing your own Divine Empowerment is the ultimate self-care for women

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You, my dear, are a Goddess. Now I don’t mean that in a whishy-washy way. I mean it literally. You are a Goddess who forgot how frigging awesome you are, but you can get it back with the associated super-powers!

Let me explain.

I have spent the last 13 years awakening latent abilities in myself and others. Skills that sound preposterous to the un-initiated, and yet are consistent and precise.

In my level one, I teach one of the coolest ‘party tricks’ I’ve ever come across. How would you like to change the taste of wine using only your intention? You can add flavours such as oak or tobacco, or change it completely from a Pinot Noir to a Borolo -a soft light almost watery wine to a deep full bodied heavy variety, starting from a Malbec which is somewhere in the middle. Always with the original control glass to check your findings. It’s not water into wine, but you can make a ropey bottle into something exquisite. Better yet you can teach it to your pals. Here is me teaching just that to Gabby Allen. You will save a fortune at Oddbins!

That is no doubt fun, I do love it. The jewel in the Divine Empowerment crown is really erasing emotional trauma. You know when you spent time with someone sad or angry or upset even happy you can feel it instantly? It’s almost as though they are wearing their mood like a perfume. That means the emotion is energy, the clue is in the name e-motion, energy in motion. I awaken level one student’s ability to dissolve solo traumas (it happened once or approached individually) and even phobias.

All we need is for the client to feel into their pain. Simply open Pandora’s box and let the emotions flow. We feel it empathetically and can dissolve it, instantly. Once that part of you to be illuminated a single focused though disperses their anguish, in the blink of an eye!

This and much more is on Level one a two day class. Level two, three, four and five offer significant personal upgrades. They awaken your true divinity. The Goddess you have always been.

I have been a part of countless mini miracles. Recently I developed an ovarian cyst. I have a text book which tells me the emotional why of disease. It was spot on. I worked to dissolve the issues and within three days it was gone. I know it was gone for two reasons. Firstly, I was no longer in pain secondly when I had my scan five weeks later there was no sign of it.

I have awoken my abilities to the point where some physical healing is possible. This is what I do for students in class, awaken them. They remember who they truly are. Our energy and nervous systems work perfectly well to keep us alive but there is so much more within that is simply dormant.

Level 2 focus on awakening parts of you, you didn’t even know existed. You also learn to clear the broken record, self-deprecation which is a break-up. Nagging trauma simply released. I like to include something playful on every level, so I throw in spoon bending for good measure. I ask students to try to bend a sturdy soon, they may be able to with a little brute force. Once they do their magic it flexes with ease. If you don’t believe me here is are some students doing just that. The last level 2 actually blew me away, the students worked on each other and were able to vanquish life long pain. I asked them to work as a team and the completely erased Martin’s depression. I spoke to him last night and he is still shell shocked the sadness and emptiness is gone.

True ‘Divine Empowerment’ is the ultimate self-care for women. What could be more nourishing than awaking your true nature, your greatness? To be able to audit your life and really erase any trauma that has kept you stuck. Maybe something happened eons ago that has muddied your life? Jaded your happiness and connections? Trauma is a joy blocker. It literally locks our happiness in a vault preventing us from living fully. I also believe it to be the number one contributor to dis-ease.

Who would you be without your trauma? I will see you on level one to find out!

Antonia Harman featuredAbout the author:

Antonia Harman is a renowned emotional trauma expert and healer. Head to https://divineempowerment.co.uk to learn more about how to emotionally heal with Antonia.

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