Why you are missing an integral part of your journey as a conscious leader if you don’t have a business coach

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The quest to improve and learn more is unceasing for Conscious Leaders.

This is because they recognise it is only through self-development that one can create sustainable success in all dimensions of one’s life and leave a lasting and positive impact. Success is an inside job!

On your journey to become an excellent leader, a coach or mentor will provide you with the guidance and support needed to help you to become the very best version of yourself. They’ll have no hidden agenda and they’ll be coming from a place of conscious knowledge and experience.

More often than not having a mentor or coach will  save you time long term and give you a higher chance of success with  proven tools and guidance  to navigate difficult situations or seize opportunities on your own.

Why is coaching/mentoring important?

Have you ever wondered why some people are just simply amazing at what they do? What are they doing differently? At one point in our lives, we meet that one person that just dazzles us, and we think to ourselves how truly “gifted” this person is.

We see so many gifted people in the field of science, medicine, arts, and sports. They are exceptional in their chosen field and are often revered as extraordinary. But these people all have one thing in common. They all recognise that being “gifted” with a skill can only bring you so far. It is discipline, guidance and motivation that sets you apart and gets the gold.

Business leaders should start thinking like athletes. Whether in the sports field, in an office or in life, we can master almost anything, provided that we have the right tools and guidance in order to do so.

We all have the potential to be great leaders, but you will unleash that potential faster and better with the help of the right coach/mentor who has years of experience under his/her belt, and that can provide you with a safe space to grow and develop your potential fearlessly.

Many might say that having a coach is something that is “nice to have”. Successful business leaders and senior executives see business coaches as a “must-have” and are very instrumental to their growth and success.  

What is the difference between a coach, a mentor and a teacher?

A teacher is who you go to if you want to learn about something. They are experts on a specific topic. A mentor will help you scale your business and level up in your career. Using their experience, they will give you direction on how to achieve your goals in the fastest and most efficient way possible. A coach does not require industry experience since they support you in finding your authentic path and will hold a safe space for your individual transformation.

The best support you can give yourself is one that encompasses the roles of teacher, mentor and coach; ensuring that you are guided to forge your authentic path, faster.

Reasons why a coach/mentor is important to your journey as a leader:

Be your compass

A coach will make sure that you stay in the right direction. They can help you refocus and bring back your attention to elements of your business/career that you have overlooked because you were too busy putting out fires. Regular check-ins with a coach will ensure that you are on the fastest and most direct path to achieving your goals.

Unlock the limits you’ve set on yourself

We all have self-imposed limits that we are often unaware of and having a coach will help you be conscious of the cages that you’ve built around yourself in a very thoughtful way. Do you believe that you are not good enough, that you cannot achieve your dreams? Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

These are just some of the self-imposed limits. A coach will provide you with the proper tools to navigate through difficult situations and master yourself so that you can break free from inherited patterns that restrain your potential.

Hold you accountable

Being held accountable for your actions ensures that you follow through with the action plans that you’ve set for yourself and your business. Most business owners and executives who do not have a coach often fall into the trap of being complacent and being content with average results because they don’t have anyone that will motivate them to be better leaders.

A coach will empower you to be fierce and face those tough situations head-on. It will make you feel that you have someone who’s got your back whenever you face roadblocks in life.

Keep an open mind

No matter what level of success a person has achieved, it is common to see them stick to their old patterns instead of looking at how other great leaders attained their own success through their positive habits. A coach will present you with time tested tools and strategies to get to where you want to be at the shortest possible time by using methods employed by successful leaders who were once in the very same situation you are now.

A coach or mentor is a very integral part of a Conscious Leader’s journey to self-transformation and business success. They’re the expert that you need if you intend to honour your potential and achieve sustainable success in the most efficient way possible; helping you cut through learning curves, delays and business faux pas.

Still on the fence? The question you need to ask yourself is: “do I want to invest in supporting myself to achieve my goals better and faster or would I rather do it alone – which will take longer – and risk making mistakes.

Am I willing to honour my true potential?” If the answer is yes, then you’re ready to start your journey to conscious leadership with an extraordinary coach behind you every step of the way.

Marika MessagerAbout the author

Marika Messager is the CEO and Founder of ConsciousLeadership.org, a conscious leader, visionary and change architect; unlocking the genius in the most successful business leaders in the UK and internationally, elevating individuals, businesses and the global community into a new paradigm of Conscious Leadership and positive impact.

Marika combines strategic thinking and business awareness with spiritual and emotional intelligence. She brings her solid business experience as a lauded corporate leader in the financial markets, where she was recognised as one of the industry’s most successful equity sales professionals. Making it to the 7-figure annual compensation at the age of 31 – the year she gave birth to her son – by the age of 33, Marika was appointed as one of the youngest female sales managers with 40 people across Europe under her supervision.

When she realized that Conscious Leadership was the missing piece from her career, she was called to found ConsciousLeadership.org to build a system of development that would transcend the leadership status quo and align businesses with purposeful impact.

Marika’s particular path toward conscious leadership took her out of the corporate world and on a worldwide adventure where she trained in integral coaching, yoga, mindfulness, bioenergetic healing, and hypnotherapy. Marika also developed an interest in indigenous healing practices and particularly the influence of consciousness and the mind on the process of healing. Instead of leaving the business world forever, this experience inspired her to build a system of development that would transcend the leadership status quo and align businesses with a positive impact.

For the last 9 years, she has mentored worldwide industry leaders, built her business in alignment with this innovative perspective and successfully proven that Conscious Leadership is the way to face our current challenges.

Marika is also a sounding board to early-stage start-ups through her business angel activities and a successful entrepreneur; setting up from scratch her own coaching and consulting business, taking it from zero to multiple 6-figures in less than 3 years.

Marika Messager is a visionary and a catalyst who helps business leaders and leading businesses achieve something necessary and extraordinary; to elevate humanity through business, and elevate business through humanity.

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