Will TikTok take over Facebook to dominate social media? | Warwick Business School

Man holding a smartphone with TikTok app open

I have a 10 year-old niece named Divya (not her real name) in rural northern India.

Two years ago, I visited and she came running to hug me. I asked what was the best gift I could give her, and all she wanted was for me to follow her on TikTok.

Divya posts videos of her Bollywood dances and loves receiving likes for them. With around 10,000 followers, she already thinks she is a superstar. I didn’t have a TikTok account when she asked me to follow her, but, naturally, I signed up and have been enthusiastically supporting her ever since.

On seeing the news that Meta’s share price lost $200 billion (£148 billion) in a day, and that Mark Zuckerberg was blaming TikTok, I must admit that my first thought was that Divya must be doing really well with her Bollywood dance videos. But joking aside, after more than a decade in which Facebook (now rebranded as Meta) has seemed impregnable as the superpower in social media, with nearly three billion monthly active users, it suddenly looks possible that this may not continue forever.

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