WiseGirl – Love ….. the Roman way

Before I delve into the update, I must and do sincerely apologise for not filling you in on time this week! Will you forgive me?

I booked a trip to Roma, (as it is locally know) to first of all relax from the hustle and bustle of the City! But I also had a secondary agenda – which was to understand the so called magic of Rome !! I always wondered what made Rome exude love to the unloveable and help the loveable to love even more!!. I must say that I wasn’t disappointed! Given the recent turn of events on my situation and considering that the man on the scene (although things are very fresh) has Italian blood, it made sense to experience Rome!!  Now this was by no means the main reason why I decided to go to Rome, it just so happened!!!   Life is funny

If you have experienced Rome, you will know what I mean, the whole city, mostly everywhere I turned to, has some history related to love and war!  I was very drawn to the story of Cupid and Psyche, which I think has a lot of bearing on we all aim to find in true love. In short, and from my viewpoint, true love is worth fighting for!!!

I am still testing out to see if this new thing with Paul is true love, and I know, only time will tell but his actions seems to be on the right path… Although he couldn’t be there, and frankly I wouldn’t have wanted him to be, he arranged a taxi for me from Fiumicino airport to my hotel in Rome, called me to make sure that I’ve settled in ok,  then checked in frequently through out making sure that I was seeing the right things. Effectively he was my virtual guide!

At this stage, I have fully psyched up myself to enjoying the good moments with him, and although it is fun, experience has thought me, to not be too revealing at this very early stage of the process. It will be a shame to get so carried away so soon.  However, I’ve noticed that the terms of our communication is not so much calculated as the others. It may be that I’m getting more and more experienced and comfortable with implementing the Journey Model that I am no longer using a stop watch to gauge flow, it may be…  Do I think that I have  mastered the art of dating? hmm?? I don’t think so … but here is what I have noticed… Over the past weeks, our friendship have certainly blossomed and I am happy to report, that is has been developing gradually along with the initial attraction. So there is no confusion as to which path we are taking here. However given the growth we are experiencing in our friendship, I have been thinking that perhaps the pillars of conviction as I originally highlighted in past posts should be refreshed to include more friendship!!!

When I look at how Cupid and Psyche overcame their challenges, (myth or reality), I think that friendship was the core pivot of the love that they had for each other! Well, we can argue that was many years ago but I am beginning to think that a friendship infused romantic path can diffuse all, (well most),  doubts that I normally do tend to have during dating and in relationships.  Maybe the secret to this bliss that we are all looking for indeed lies with the Romans – The elixir of Rome may not be a fantasy after all!!!.

Until next time….. Keep up with the Model and let me know if its working..


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