Jane Garvey: Women at the BBC have been “deceived” over gender pay gap

Jane Garvey

Broadcaster Jane Garvey has accused the BBC of ‘deceiving’ the women who work at the organisation.

Garvey was part of a group of the BBC’s female stars that organised a letter calling on the broadcaster to “act now” on pay.

The Woman’s Hour presenter criticised the BBC’s Director of Content, Charlotte Moore, telling the Press Association:

“Charlotte’s done a great deal to get more women in prominent positions on television, and I respect her for that.”

“But this is a classic bit of BBC management speak.”

“It seems the top management’s good intentions haven’t filtered down the organisation, or I wouldn’t have heard from women right across the BBC who’ve been fobbed off, deceived or told they’ve picked the ‘wrong comparator’.”

Garvey added: “I wish people would stop lumping women in with ‘diversity’.”

“Whether we’re black, white, brown or pink with green spots we’re the majority.”

“And we deserve to be valued in the same way as men. For our brains, our experience and our expertise.”

“A gender pay gap at the BBC makes it look faintly ridiculous. Why would young women want to work there?”, she concluded.

Ms Moore promised the audience at the Edinburgh International Television Festival that the BBC’s figures in 2018 would show a huge reduction in the pay gap, with women forming the majority of senior hires since 2015.

She also called on other broadcasters to follow suit in addressing the pay gap, saying: “The BBC are right to be at the vanguard of this, but my God, we need other broadcasters and other institutions to follow suit, this is a big cultural issue, we all need to do it.”

A BBC spokesperson told i News: “We’ve committed to go further than anyone else and close the gender pay gap by 2020, people should judge us on our progress.”

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