Women on Board, the Davies Review Annual Report 2014

Women-on-boards-infographic-2014Women on Board, the Davies Review Annual Report 2014. It is encouraging to see improvements in board members and so many household named companies providing over 25% of their members to be women.  There is still a long way to go, the items highlighted as risks are interesting also, ‘We encourage companies to periodically advertise Non-Executive board positions to encourage greater diversity in applications.’ this would also be a leap forward if there was significant improvement in the NED roles for women as in deed these positions are extremely male dominated.

March 2014 – FTSE 100 boards 79.3% men 20.7% women
Gender balance makes good business sense. Women make up over half of the UK population, account for nearly half of the working population, outperform men educationally and are responsible for the majority of household purchasing decisions. Women are as successful as their male counterparts at university and in their early careers, but attrition rates increase significantly as they progress through an organisation. The under-representation of women in senior roles and at board level impacts the performance, governance and reputation of companies, as they fail to attract and retain the widest possible range of talent.

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