Women and Equalities Committee launch workplace harassment inquiry

woman being sexually harassed at work

The Women and Equalities Committee have launched an inquiry into workplace harassment.

Following the Committee’s one-off evidence session on sexual harassment in January, the inquiry will consider some of the issues raised in more depth.

Alongside assessing the extent of the problem, who the perpetrators are and why it happens, the inquiry will focus on what should be done to tackle harassment more effectively.

The issues the inquiry will look at include the action that the Government and employers can take to change workplace culture; how staff can be better protected from sexual harassment by clients, customers and others; how effective and accessible tribunals and other legal means of redress are; and the pros and cons of using non-disclosure (NDAs) in sexual harassment cases.

Committee Chair, Maria Miller said, “Over the past few months there have been widespread reports of women’s appalling experiences of sexual harassment at work.”

“Our recent evidence session with legal experts, employee and employer representatives painted a stark picture.”

“Clearly much more needs to be done, both by Government and employers: this inquiry is about identifying solutions.”

“We need to change workplace culture, keep women safe and provide effective legal remedies.”

“We also need to understand whether non-disclosure agreements are being abused by legal experts and employers to cover up wrongdoing.”

“The Committee would welcome evidence on how best to tackle these problems, currently faced by thousands of people at work.”

The Women and Equalities Committee are now inviting people to submit written evidence specifically on these topics and how widespread harassment in the workplace is; who experiences sexual harassment and who perpetrates it.

To submit a written submission, click here. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 13 March 2018.

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