Women in Financial Services | Oliver Wyman

In the second edition of Women in Financial Services, Oliver Wyman focus on the gender diversity issues in the financial sector.

The report includes an analysis of nearly 400 financial services organizations in 32 countries, a survey of 850 financial services professionals around the world and interviews of more than 100 senior female and male leaders.

Female representation is growing on financial services boards (20% in 2016) and executive committees (16% in 2016), but progress is slow. At current rates of growth, financial services globally will reach 30 percent female executive committee representation by 2048 only. Moreover, progress seems to have slowed in some geographies, compared to what we found out in 2014.

In this report we have also identified the critical point in many women’s careers: the mid-career conflict, where the costs and benefits of a career in financial services seem to be out of balance for many.



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