Women in 2016 are happy to be female

Women in our modern age are far happier to be female than they were seventy years ago, according to a Survation poll of 1,000 women. Older woman smiling in a meadow wearing a white shirt

The survey was carried out to mark the 70th anniversary of Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, and concluded that 86% of females said they’d rather be a woman than a man, up from the 56% when the same question was asked in 1947.

Speaking to women of all ages, the poll covered a range of topics, including marriage, sex, work and family.

Of the women surveyed, 87% said they would stay married to the same person if they had to have their time over. A Gallup poll from 1949 of both sexes found that 77% would choose their spouses again.

According to the Woman’s Hour poll, that’s just one in ten women who would marry someone different.

It also found that there are more women in employment in 2016 than in 1951, with 60% working today compared to 31% then.

But a big number of women said they worry “a lot” about issues like health, finance, and their appearance.

The biggest concern for females of the 24- 34 bracket is health, with money coming second, and 46% of those polled claim to be considering cosmetic surgery.

Alice Feinstein, editor of Woman’s Hour, commented:

“It’s fascinating to see the results of this candid poll and hear women’s views on family, work and relationships, and it’s intriguing to work out what’s changed and what’s remained the same since Woman’s Hour started 70 years ago.”

At 10am today, on a special edition of the show, presenters Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey were joined by Great British Bake Off’s Nadiya Hussain and others to discuss the poll results.

Nadiya summarised that  “Having the opportunity to make a choice…” could be the reason for the overwhelmingly positive poll results.

When asked if she was happier now to be a woman, the mother of Claudia Winkleman, Eve Pollard stated:

“I was hired as the woman’s editor of the Sunday mirror…because there was no other woman’s editor…When I discovered as the head of department, I was earning half as the other heads of department, I asked my editor for a rise, and he said, ‘but you’ve got a husband’. That’s how much the world’s changed”.

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