Women In Business Network

WIBlogoThe three award winning women who form Women In Business are : Ellen Kerr, Elaine Owen and Jean Gadsby. All are successful entrepreneurs in their own right and have a combined business experience of over 50 years. Between them there aren’t many problems they can’t solve. Their extensive experience and personal networks in business arena is second to none. They understand the complexities of running and operating businesses from small to large organisations. They are advocates to help women overcome the barriers women face when starting and growing businesses. They are passionate that Women In Business evolves all the time, to reflect the current economic environment, Members views and what is relevant to women in the world of business today.

Women In Business set out socially enterprising aims and objectives. The main aims are to generate profit to further social goals and to undertake demand led good works whilst growing a sustainable business that makes a real difference to women’s lives in the local, social and business communities. Over the years Women In Business has supported Claire House, Wirral Autistic and The Chief Sheriff High Commissioners Charities with over £3000 of fund raising in addition to providing 6 LJMU students with bursary support for their final year studies.

Women In Business (NW) brings together and supports women who are in business. We provide a creative environment in which to help you develop your business, find solutions to problems and facilitate opportunities for business to business interaction. Women In Business provides training that is relevant to helping you and your business grow and assist you with the challenges that starting and running a business can bring.

Women In Business works to promote the business needs of women and recognises that women manage businesses differently and accommodates those needs. We do not have feminist, social or political agendas . Events are held in a positive and friendly environment and Members are from a wide range of businesses. Some are just starting out with the seed of an idea and others have been in business for a number of years and are looking for a new way of making business contacts.

Since the launch in 1994, Women In Business has delivered a wide range of business workshops and initiatives to over 3000 women in the North West and has formed other links with similar organisations across the UK. Women In Business evolves all the time to reflect the members view and what is relevant in the world of business today. It is the oldest women’s network on Merseyside and through the support of the Members continues to go from strength to strength. With our sponsoring partners; Gadsbys Accountants, Designated Associates & Ellen Kerr we partner with and work for others such as Google, local chambers, banks etc as required.

Women In Business services include :

  • Training Workshops covering various relevant business and personal topics
  • Opportunities to share best practice
  • Advertising and promotional opportunities
  • Digital & Social networking and communication opportunities
  • Specialist accountancy and VAT assistance
  • Research into business women’s issues, needs and up to date changes in legislation
  • Information on other relevant events, conferences and workshops across the North West region
  • Information about other Networks across the area
  • Career change and confidence building coaching
  • Signposting to local Government initiatives for business support and funding
  • Free Business Mentoring for eligible businesses
  • Signposting to local Government initiatives for business support and funding

For more information visit: www.womeninbusiness.co.uk

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