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Resources for Women in Business

We have an extensive catalogue of resources primarily focused for women in business.  We have helped and supported over 8,000 business women in our virtual events and conferences alone and have put a spotlight on some of the most amazing female entrepreneurs and business leaders to be able to provide essential content and ideas for anyone starting their business, side hustle or promotion.

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Finding your happy place at work: mentors, role models and being yourself

Christine Ciriani, CEO, Finantix I often get asked what it is like to be a woman leader in FinTech. I guess that makes me “the Nerd,” as Mark Zuckerberg famously urged girls in 2016 to “Be the Nerd,” three years after Sheryl Sandberg told women to “Lean In.” And lean in we did! For me,...
female mentors and role models

How to get mentoring sessions started

By Emma Sayle, CEO & Founder of Killing Kittens, SafeDate, Sistr and The Sisterhood I’m a firm believer in having a strong network of female role models and mentors around me. There are far too few women in top positions in corporations, not enough women serving as politicians and only one fifth of businesses are...
15 things you should never do when letting an employee go - infographic

15 things you should never do when letting an employee go | Infographic

News about companies having to let go of employees keep coming. And these are the ones we hear about because they are big companies. We can assume small businesses are having to deal with similar situations at the moment due to the results of various lockdown measures and the impact on the economy. That’s why...
confident woman mentoring male colleague featured

A guide to mentoring

When it comes to the data center industry, Melissa Chambal‘s is one of the world’s leading female technical education Instructors. We spoke to Melissa about her passion for mentoring, how she got into the digital infrastructure industry, which comprises the data center and network infrastructure sectors, and how she is hoping to encourage more females...

Latest Events

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24/11/2020: WeAreVirtual: Workplace bullying – why it happens and how you can protect yourself | Annette Shaw

Annette Shaw is a Life Coach specialising in supporting PA’s, EA’S and senior administrators who have experienced workplace bullying. If you have ever been bullied, in the playground, at work or otherwise, you know what it is like to go through this awful nightmare. In 2013, while she was recovering from depression and anxiety after...
WeAreVirtual, Karen Liebenguth featured

19/11/2020: WeAreVirtual: How to be a compassionate leader in current times | Karen Liebenguth

How can we become a compassionate leader? What does compassion actually mean? What effect can it have on our leadership style, staff, the organisation? These are some questions that underpin this webinar. At the heart of this webinar lies the exploration of a model for mindful compassionate leadership. Karen will be sharing practical tips and...
Faith Ruto, WeAreVirtual featured

17/11/2020: WeAreVirtual: Resilience Masterclass: Learn to Live by Faith Not Fear | Faith Ruto

In this webinar, Faith Ruto, resilience coach, speaker and mentor, will teach us how to learn to live by faith, not fear. This session will cover how living in fear can stop us from being resilient and confident, as well as providing practical tips and key strategies to help you thrive in your career and...

10/11/2020: WeAreVirtual: Business Resilience: You Already Own the Secret of your Future Success | Erica Wolfe-Murray

Most business owners overlook the opportunities for smart business development and growth they already have within their grasp. Innovation and growth expert Erica Wolfe-Murray will take us on a quick trip through her tops tips to understand what you own, how these assets can help you build new revenues against five key areas of opportunity....

Inspirational Women in Business Series

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Boryana Tuzharova featured

Inspirational Woman: Boryana Tuzharova | Co-Founder & CEO, International Women Connected

At a time when coming together is more important than ever, we talk to Boryana Tuzharova, co-Founder of International Women Connected, which has over 50K members worldwide. IWC is a digital and real-life Business Relationship Platform that brings together women of all nationalities, business and educational backgrounds, cultures and experience. This is a dedicated space...
Natasha Glover featured

Inspirational Woman: Natasha Glover | Solicitor & Founder, Brown Skin Dark Lips

Natasha Glover is a solicitor qualified to practice law in England & Wales and the founder of Brown Skin Dark Lips Limited, a British beauty blog and online shop featuring a curation of beautiful things made by independent British businesses designed to boost confidence and wellbeing. Tell us a bit about yourself, background and your...

Inspirational Woman: Liz Stone | Founder & CEO, OK COOL & Co-Founder, OK Mentor

I am currently the Founder and CEO of a Creative Agency in Shoreditch, London called OK COOL. I am also the Co-founder of Ok Mentor, a free mentoring program for young females looking to break into creative industries. I have a design background where I studied and worked in fashion, art direction, photography and creative...
Harry Mansfield featured

Inspirational Woman: Harry Mansfield | Mental Health Advocate & Founder, The Awareness Key

I am a Mental Health advocate and Mental Wellness Coach. I believe everyone deserves good mental health and I am offering a unique preventative model to help my clients remain mentally strong for life. My social enterprise, The Awareness Key, trains people, from kids to corporates, to help prevent mental health issues and never has...

On Demand Videos

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Playback: Making Sustainable Technology Choices with Brittani Bobowick

As digital technologies become the engine for driving progress in business and society, it is more important now than ever to consider the overall impact of sustainability across the lifecycle of technology solutions. While governments and businesses alike place an increased focus in how and with whom they conduct business. Based upon corporate social responsibility […]

Playback: Augmented working and the future of work in this new reality with Margarete McGrath & Mona Bitar

/ /
Dell Technologies Chief Digital Officer, Margarete McGrath will host a discussion on the future of work with guest speaker, Mona Bitar, who is an EY Partner and leading EY’s client response to Covid 19 in the UK. In recent weeks, we have seen technology enable communities to connect, engage and share not just workplace exchanges […]

Playback: Level Up: Promotions and Sponsorship in the Workplace video | Mary Agbesanwa

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This session will focus on career development and we will be discussing articulating your worth in the workplace and the importance of finding a sponsor! As an attendee you will experience a fun and welcoming atmosphere where we will be completing useful worksheets and discussing goals alongside other enthusiastic and ambitious women. By the end […]

Playback: The Equality Pandemic: The Global Impact of COVID-19 on Women video | Simon Gallow

/ / / /
The Equality Pandemic: One thing is clear about the COVID-19 pandemic, as stock markets tumble, schools and universities close, people stockpile supplies and home becomes a different and crowded space: this is not just a health issue. On issues from domestic violence to insecure work, women, and other diverse groups, are bearing the brunt of […]

Playback: Disruption isn’t a dirty word video | Joy Poole

Disruption for business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives with businesses which need to grow and evolve, I find it useful to dig into Incremental vs. Exponential Thinking and how a leadership’s mindset guides the direction of a team. It’s usually helpful to focus on when each of these approaches are appropriate and how to spend more […]

Playback: Hacking as a Tool for Solving Problems & Creating Change video | Daniele Fiandaca

/ / / /
In this workshop I will introduce Hacking as a Creative Superpower and how it can be used to solve problems and open up new opportunities. Problem solving and managing change in 2020 is a lot different to how we were tackling these in 2019 and before. Using hacking as a technique can show vast effectiveness […]

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