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We have an extensive catalogue of resources primarily focused for women in business.  We have helped and supported over 8,000 business women in our virtual events and conferences alone and have put a spotlight on some of the most amazing female entrepreneurs and business leaders to be able to provide essential content and ideas for anyone starting their business, side hustle or promotion.

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friendly ceo welcoming new employee, world of work

Essential skills for those just starting out in the world of work

Have you landed a new job in lockdown? Here Arden University’s Student Support Manager Siân Duffin shares the essential skills for those just starting out in the world of work. Last month I shared some tips for appreciating the job you have and planning for the future but in light of the pandemic some of...
diverse group of people working in an office, diversity

Companies should invest in diversity for their own good, as well as for the greater good

Article provided by Juliane Sterzl, VP of UK&I, CoachHub  Recent events have sparked some much-needed introspection among businesses regarding their progress in the field of diversity. And while terms like ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ have become common buzzwords in recent years, they represent important and valuable principles. Not only are companies under increasing scrutiny to prove...
Pretty asian woman working remotely from home using laptop sitting on the couch or sofa in living room for work online with pet puppy cute dog and guardian, work life balance concept

How to maintain balance as we embrace the ‘new normal’

By Sarah Calvert psychotherapist and psychosexual relationship therapist As lockdown rules are gradually relaxed, I’m meeting more and more people who have enjoyed the period at home and are dreading having to go back to the ‘busyness’ of pre-Covid life. We’ve all had different experiences during the pandemic; some have continued to travel to a workplace,...
Office desk, Laptop on desk featured

The Future of the Career Landscape

Throughout history, people have often had “roles” on some level. The modern concept of jobs, however, goes back to only a couple of centuries ago and the industrial revolution. But for the past 200 years or so, jobs have evolved into careers, and become a source of meaning and purpose in our lives. If we...

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Inspirational Women in Business Series

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lulu wood featured

Inspirational Woman: Lulu Wood | Marketing Consultant & Writer

Lulu Wood is the author of new women’s novel Milkshakes for the Almost Dead, which has been trending on Amazon’s Hot New Releases. This is her fifth novel. Her stories and essays have appeared in You Magazine, The Telegraph, Company, Glamour and Cosmopolitan, among others. Lulu Wood is also a cultural commentator, a focused feminist,...
Hephzi Pemberton

Inspirational Woman: Hephzi Pemberton | CEO & Founder, Equality Group

Hephzi Pemberton is an entrepreneur and angel investor, who runs a strategic consultancy and search firm called Equality Group. In partnership with leading Finance and Technology firms, they help source diverse executive leadership talent and consult on how to create a more inclusive culture to nurture and develop executives through to their full potential. Equality...
Morenike Ajayi featured

Inspirational Woman: Morenike Ajayi | Chartered Accountant, Author, Public Speaker & TV Presenter

Morenike Ajayi (B.sc, M.BA, FCPFA, Prince 2) is a Multiple award winner, a chartered Accountant, Author, Inspirational public speaker, Executive producer and TV presenter. She is happily married to Kenny and they have a son. Abandoned by her dad when she was 18 months old, her mum was left to single handedly raise her and...

Inspirational Woman: Nicki James | Founder, Just Brand You

At 30, Nicki James has achieved more than most people do in a lifetime. She currently runs her own multi-six figure Brand company, Just Brand You. Specialising in helping other female business owners through a combination of strategy and branding expertise, Nicki James has already won a legion of clients’ thanks in part to her...

On Demand Videos

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Playback: The Equality Pandemic: The Global Impact of COVID-19 on Women video | Simon Gallow

/ / / /
The Equality Pandemic: One thing is clear about the COVID-19 pandemic, as stock markets tumble, schools and universities close, people stockpile supplies and home becomes a different and crowded space: this is not just a health issue. On issues from domestic violence to insecure work, women, and other diverse groups, are bearing the brunt of […]

Playback: Disruption isn’t a dirty word video | Joy Poole

Disruption for business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives with businesses which need to grow and evolve, I find it useful to dig into Incremental vs. Exponential Thinking and how a leadership’s mindset guides the direction of a team. It’s usually helpful to focus on when each of these approaches are appropriate and how to spend more […]

Playback: Hacking as a Tool for Solving Problems & Creating Change video | Daniele Fiandaca

/ / / /
In this workshop I will introduce Hacking as a Creative Superpower and how it can be used to solve problems and open up new opportunities. Problem solving and managing change in 2020 is a lot different to how we were tackling these in 2019 and before. Using hacking as a technique can show vast effectiveness […]

Playback: An Extraordinary Time To Shine Like A Superstar video | Harriet Waley-Cohen

/ /
In these strange times, you have an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skills, to be the calm in the storm and to be seen in a whole new and even more positive light by your colleagues and boss. This session will focus on showing you how to: Change your mindset to view the current […]

Playback: How to be the leader you want to see video | Susie Ramroop

/ /
If we’re really honest we have observed great things in other leaders and some not so great. We wish they would step up and have a greater impact, as we watch from the sidelines. What if we did something to make a difference? What if we have to be that leader, for our own fulfillment, […]

Playback: Raising Your Visibility On LinkedIn video | Jennifer Corcoran

/ /
In this session Jennifer will help you quickly understand the power of raising your visibility on LinkedIn. Improving your Linkedin Profile and engaging to improve your search. Improve your Linkedin Profile with easy and clear steps to maximise the most out of Linkedin and to engage a wider network. Improving your Linkedin Profile can  be […]

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