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Resources for Women in Business

We have an extensive catalogue of resources primarily focused for women in business.  We have helped and supported over 8,000 business women in our virtual events and conferences alone and have put a spotlight on some of the most amazing female entrepreneurs and business leaders to be able to provide essential content and ideas for anyone starting their business, side hustle or promotion.

Latest News & Articles

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female leader holding mug which says like a boss, female founder, entrepreneur

Five things that can help move your career forward

Article by Liz Carter, Senior Vice President of Marketing at ServiceMax. Ten years ago, I started a new job as a field marketing director at ServiceMax. Today, I’m the senior vice president of marketing, managing a team of 30 in a field of 550 employees. As a result of that success, I’m often asked for...
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Disagreement with your boss? How to change their mind

Article by Simon Horton, Author of Change Their Mind: 6 Steps to Persuade Anyone, Anytime. You think the team should work from home, your boss disagrees; you think you should buy that software package, your boss disagrees; you think you deserve a pay-rise, your boss disagrees. There are a hundred things we disagree with our...
Openly greeting a job recruiter with a firm handshake, recruitment industry, new role

3 ways to hire and retain top talent

If there’s anything organisations have learned since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s that working professionals are evaluating their careers and proactively seeking new job opportunities if they are disengaged. This newfound sense of employee empowerment can be attributed to multiple causes, but there are three primary areas where organisations can focus to ensure...
Smiling young African American businesswoman working on a laptop at her desk in a bright modern office with colleagues in the background

Spring clean your career in seven simple steps

Article by Kat Byles, Founder, True Business School Just as a spring clean does not only have to take place in that particular season, it also does not have to be your home that you are spring cleaning. Having a good clear out within your work life opens you up to the rebirth. Decluttering your...

Latest Events

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WeAreVirtual, Karen Liebenguth 800x600

06/09/2022: WeAreVirtual: Why do we need ethical leadership? | Karen Liebenguth

As leaders, we’re often hired for our ability to perform; for our work experience and our specialist area of expertise. We’re not usually selected based on our ethical capacity. Yet, good leadership involves approaching situations honestly, fairly and equally which results in compassionately engaging and inspiring those around us. Thinking and behaving ethically means we...
WeAreVirtual, Carol Stewart, 800x600

13/09/2022: WeAreVirtual: Positioning yourself for promotion | Carol Stewart

If you are ready to take your career to another level and get your next promotion, positioning yourself for it will put you in the best possible place to secure it. This session will help you to: • Navigate the internal and external barriers • Broaden your network and tap into it • Self promote...
WeAreVirtual, Jennifer Corcoran, 800x600

19/09/2022: WeAreVirtual: How to leverage LinkedIn as an introvert, empath or HSP | Jennifer Corcoran

Think that LinkedIn and online networking is only for extroverts? During this live session LinkedIn Trainer Jen Corcoran will explore how introverts, empaths and HSPs can find their voice on LinkedIn and manage their energy. Jen will touch on her 4-part PACT formula (Presence, Action, Connect, Thrive) and spotlight that you don’t need to be...
WeAreVirtual, Helen Croydon, 800x600

27/09/2022: WeAreVirtual: How to raise your personal profile and build your brand | Helen Croydon

The session will include ideas, tips and best practices on raising your professional profile. Helen will delve into: What is the importance of having a strong personal brand/profile and what doors does it open? Ways that professionals can look out for opportunities raise their profile. They will cover four pillars: How to go about getting...

Inspirational Women in Business Series

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Inspirational Woman: Rachel Pendered | Founder & Co-CEO, Media Zoo

Meet Rachel Pendered Founder & Co-CEO, Media Zoo Rachel Pendered is Founder and Co-CEO of award-winning creative comms agency Media Zoo headquartered in London. Rachel is a successful entrepreneur, who founded her business, Media Zoo in 2003. She has built and scaled her company from a small start-up production business to an award-winning global agency...

Inspirational Woman: Simone Thomas | Founder, Simone Thomas Wellness

Meet Simone Thomas Founder, Simone Thomas Wellness Simone Thomas is a vegan and alkaline nutritionist, wellness coach, bio-energetics practitioner, and a well-respected authority in the world of hair health and wellness. Having personally suffered from hair loss and gut health issues and experienced devastating effects on her physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, Simone developed an...
Aisha Shafii Ndayako

Inspirational Woman: Aisha Shafii Ndayako | Founder, The Visual Book

Meet Aisha Shafii Ndayako Founder, The Visual Book Aisha Shafii Ndayako is Founder of The Visual Book. Here, she talks to us about building her business, what she hopes to achieve in the future and shares advice for her younger self. Tell us a bit about yourself, background and your current role   I was born...
Rizwana Ahmed

Inspirational Woman: Rizwana Ahmed | Senior People & Culture Business Partner, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

Rizwana Ahmed is a Senior People & Culture Business Partner – Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (ID&E) GB at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP), the largest independent bottler of Coca-Cola globally. She is a British Pakistani Muslim female who champions diversity and inclusion across the business. She leads the company’s JustBe allyship programme, as well as its 500-strong Cultural...

On Demand Videos

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VIDEO: Networking like a pro and how to improve your visibility | Mary McGuire

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How good are you at networking?  Do you get into a cold-sweat at the thought of having to explain what you do to senior leaders? Do you hope that your work will be recognised if you work hard enough? Have you seen others recognised for work you have done? All of these are symptoms of not […]

VIDEO: Be Your Own HERo with Caroline Pankhurst

Heroes coming to the rescue plagued fairytales that little girls were brought up on for centuries and set women up as the people pleasers who needed to be rescued from the brave courageous male hero of the story. In reality, the only HERo you will ever need is the one that resides in you. Caroline […]

VIDEO: How to build your personal brand with Kubi Springer

Personal branding is not just for celebrities! In this interactive session, brand specialist Kubi Springer will outline how to build your personal brand so you can gain more recognition in the workplace and beyond.   About Kubi: Kubi Springer is an award winning Brand Specialist and Media Personality with 25 years brand marketing experience. Starting […]

VIDEO ON DEMAND: Holistic Career Development | Lily Woi

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Join Executive Leadership and Career Advancement Coach, Lily Woi, when she reveals the 8 KEY ingredients vital for a successful career. NOW is the time to design an exciting and fulfilling career. Discover how to advance faster and easier than ever before, all the while having fun! About Lily Woi NOW is the time to […]

VIDEO: Career Development: Unlocking your career | Jaz Broughton

Career development and growth is something that looks different to each of us but it’s ultimately about making consistent progress, owning our ambitions and taking the steps to get our goals! In this workshop, I will share the most powerful questions you can ask to see your career growth in a new way so you […]

VIDEO: Empowered Feminine Confidence | Katie Phillips

Join Women’s Empowerment Master Coach and Divine Masculine/Feminine Embodiment Guide, Katie Phillips, for a masterclass on how healing your dis-empowered masculine & feminine energies are the route to experiencing aligned and grounded confidence. Discover what it ‘really’ means to be an empowered woman! We will explore: The key to feeling empowered, peaceful and confident How […]

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