Women: Investing with a Purpose

woman with laptop in informal meetingAmerican women represent an economic powerhouse. They control two-thirds of household spending—and 70% of intergenerational wealth transfer over the next 40 years. But how well are they being served by advisors?

Women: Investing With A Purpose reveals a wide gap between what female clients need from advisors—and what they’re actually getting. It portrays a demographic too large, diverse and important ever to be called a niche, yet frequently sharing a serious disconnect between future needs and current investment strategies. The report addresses such issues as:

  • Why women on average may be poorly prepared for retirement—and how to get them back on track
  • Breaking the “conservative lock” on women’s risk tolerance
  • A new goal-based approach for understanding and engaging women clients
  • Avoiding the one issue most likely to cause a woman to walk away from her advisor
  • Practical steps advisors can take right now

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