Women Make History every day – Help the East End Women’s Museum tell their stories

Women Make History campaign

Women make history every day – join us and help the East End Women’s Museum to tell their stories.

We all know a woman in our family, our neighbourhood, who has made a difference during the past year. We’ve also seen a lot of fiery debate about who gets remembered –in our sculptures, our museums and our history books. During this historical moment, the East End Women’s Museum, England’s only museum dedicated to women’s history, is working to“rebalance the history books” with their ‘Women Make History’appeal, as they prepare to open a permanent museum building

Running throughout January, the Women Make History appeal is calling on ordinary people from across the UK to lend their support to this innovative project. The team behind the project are urging anyone who is interested to visit and donate here to lend their support.

The East End Women’s Museum was established by two friends as a positive protest in response to the Jack the Ripper Museum in 2015 –and the team has worked ever since to uncover and share women’s histories that you didn’t hear about in school.

These include Annie Newton, the teenage boxer who was banned from fighting by the Home Secretary; Jane Savoy, the brush-making suffragette who confronted the Prime Minister; Olive Christian Malvery, Undercover Journalist; and Mary Frith – or Moll Cutpurse – a thief and libertine.

Speaking about the campaign, Sara Huws, Co-Founder of the museum said, “We were founded by people power –and this January, we want as many people as possible to come and join our campaign.”

“We think it’s high time for a museum dedicated to the histories of women and girls –and a museum for everyone, too.”

“We’re living in a historical moment, and we all know a woman in our family, our community, who has made a difference this year.”

“Scratch the surface and there is so much history to discoveracross the centuries–stories of courage, compassion, genius, resilience, humour and mischief.”

“Women make history, every day –they always have done –we want the people of the UK to join us, and help tell their stories.”

Rachel Crossley, Museum Director, added,  “The East End Women’s museum is dedicated to women’s history and making sure that all women’s voices are heard –past, present and future.”

“Stories about amazing women are more important than ever: their achievements, what they’ve overcome, the impact they make on their communities. Every pound raised will help us keep collecting, and telling, these stories–join us.”

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