Why more women are trusting their instincts in business

confident working women, trusting their instincts

Indecision is a crippling state to be in. You’ll know it by that paralytic overwhelm of whether or not to do (or not to do) The Thing, for fear of what does (or does not) lie beyond.

For the woman who needs to know exactly what happens next; it’s very difficult to press the ‘go live’ button, it’s difficult to hire the person who’ll take action (because you’ll be responsible for what actually happens), and it is, of course, very difficult to plan for the future.

And yet for woman who takes the risk, steps into the unknown with a sense of curiosity, and trusts her instincts in life and in business, it is a place where magic can happen. After all, it’s very rare that we know exactly what the long-term outcomes will be of any decision we make.

So why are more women throwing caution to the wind and trusting their instincts in business?

Because it’s more about why you’re doing it…

Indecision about whether we should do The Thing, often comes from a greater sense of entitlement. You’ll do it when somebody throws some money at it, invests in the idea, backs you, or offers you more time. But when instinct is telling you to do The Thing; then nothing should get in the way of how you’re going to do it. Find your ‘why’, which above all justifies every action you take toward the ultimate goal. And with that in mind… the woman who trusts her instincts, simply starts.

Here’s the trick: make the DIY version. Make it on your iPhone, or in your kitchen. Test it on your friends. The big secret is, accept that it won’t be perfect.

Because feeling good is the whole point…

The sooner you realise that you’re supposed to be happy and enjoy what you’re doing, the sooner you can give yourself the green light to do That Thing. It doesn’t matter what it is; but rather how you feel making the decision to go ahead and do it.

It can help to narrow that feeling down to three key words. Ask yourself, how will you feel when it’s done? Identifying how you want to feel when it’s done, gives you permission to go ahead and feel that right now.

Because it’s better than wondering ‘what if’…

The greatest successes always come after a string of failures, which begs the question – is trying and ending up back where you started, better than never having moved at all? The woman who trusts her instincts (that voice that says… ‘what if’), moves through the fear of unknown with a sense of wondering, goes for it, learns from every trip-up and set-back, and doesn’t looks back with regret.

Because there will always be a reason not to…

For every five reasons that you should, there’ll be 5 reasons that you shouldn’t. There is also a point in time between deciding what you want, and actually going for it, where all the fear and indecision wreaks havoc and tries to throw you off your game. The woman who trusts her instincts in business, recognises that there is always an inner voice that prevails – that her thoughts and actions create reality. And that whilst expert opinion matters and aids the process, it is the woman who cultivates a success mindset and trusts it, that wins every time.

lauren ArmesAbout the author

Lauren Armes is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and business coach. Most recently, she founded Welltodo, a leading global resource for the wellness industry. Welltodo offers advisory and consultancy services to forward-thinking brands seeking to understand the current and future impacts of consumer thinking around wellness. Lauren also hosts Europe’s largest networking event series for start-ups, brands and investors in the wellness sector, launching the Business of Wellness Summit in 2016 – where 500 delegates and 50 speakers gathered in London to discuss the future of the industry.

She is a columnist for Women’s Health Magazine, writing about success in entrepreneurship, and has been featured as a wellness industry expert in Evening Standard, Raconteur, The Times, BBC 3, The Debrief, Investec and more.

Lauren is a passionate advocate of women succeeding in business, working as a mindset coach and mentor to female entrepreneurs around the world. She regularly speaks at conferences on the topics of entrepreneurship and the future of wellness.

Lauren’s professional career, prior to launching her own business, spanned international marketing and strategy positions in the UK and her country of origin, Australia. Before moving to London, Lauren managed the international sales and marketing division of Dy-Mark, Australia’s leading aerosol manufacturer, setting up distribution in 36 countries over 3 years. During this time she travelled widely and continues to enjoy this as a pastime.

Lauren holds a Bachelor of International Business (Queensland University of Technology) for which she graduated 1st in class (2009), was awarded the International Business Prize, and was honoured on the Dean’s List.

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