Women unlimited

Our aim is to be a catalyst for change and to double the percentage of female entrepreneurs in the UK over the next 20 years.

We can’t do this alone and if anyone wants to contribute in any way to this journey, please make sure you email us at [email protected].

What was the inspiration for women unlimited

There are two main reasons that for creating the Women Unlimited community. The first is to help women who are thinking about starting their own business. To give them a place where they can ask questions and engage with other women that are out there doing it already. The other is to help women that have their own businesses already and want to grow their business and take it to the next level. Historically business ownership in the UK has been dominated by men and they have created the principles that form the way that most businesses are run today. Women, by their natures, are quite different; we have different motivations, different ways of doing things and different pressures in our personal lives. From this we decided that we wanted to create a place where these differences can be explored, celebrated and supported. A place where women can share their stories, frustrations, challenges and successes and build a strong community that fosters entrepreneurialism in the UK.

The story that started it all

A friend of mine was looking for a way to earn some money so she could contribute to her family income, which is increasingly common these days. Self employment and entrepreneurialism isn’t an option for her because she perceives it as being too difficult. This became the catalyst for me to create a community where women could share their stories, how they did it and offer guidance for starting and growing a business. Hopefully this website will help women find the answers they are looking for and start considering how creating their own business can help them build the life that they desire and use their skills and talents to maximise their income potential.

The Women Unlimited website

Through creating a supportive environment that celebrates the way that women work and build their businesses we are building a strong community where women help other women. Historically business has been perceived as a man’s domain but this is rapidly changing. Starting and running their own business gives women the flexibility to have it all, family, business success and living their values – all on their own terms.

Womens networking groups are cropping up all over the country, giving women a chance to meet and collaborate with other women that are striving for the same things. Through building an extensive online community and developing a highly targeted programme of conference and training events, we will address the real issues that affect women entrepreneurs and the path to their success.

The overriding focus of women unlimited is to support women in their quest for self employment and business ownership, offer ideas and solutions to not just business issues, but also specific women life / business issues and create a support network through both online and offline channels.

We offer advice and solutions to tackle areas such as, childcare, equality, and family issues and we address practical and motivational issues, having a strong objective in providing information that can create awareness and confidence in how easy it can be to create a business or an income.

The Start of the Revolution

We are at the start of a revolution where women are taking control of their own lives and moving into positions of leadership in large corporations and in their own businesses.

This is a great time for women to be launching a new business or growing their existing business. Women only networking groups are cropping up all over the country and are extremely successful. The UK and European governments are actively supporting female entrepreneurship through multiple programmes and initiatives. And women in the UK are looking for alternatives to getting a job as a means of contributing to the family income. With a potential recession looming heavily on the horizon, the ability to create and grow a business will give more flexibility and freedom to weather the storm.

Women in the USA are twice as likely to be entrepreneurially active as women in the UK. A third of women surveyed would start a business if it wasn’t for fear of failure. The things that stop women from taking the plunge generally is fear, lack of confidence and lack of support. Women Unlimited hopes to address some of these issues and help women as they start, run and grow their own businesses.

What we think about men

We love them! Women Unlimited is a pro women website, not anti men. Men are more than welcome to join in the discussions and debates and contribute articles if they are so inclined. We only ask that you respect the women and their ideas on this website.

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